You’ve come a long way baby…. just not far enough!

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Evil; you don’t hear the average soccer Mom use that word much anymore. They’re afraid of looking stupid in front of their friends. Too concerned with peer-pressure, like the Daddy’s little Prom Queen they most likely were. Too afraid some radical liberal Hollywood hack like Bill Maher will question their critical thinking (as if he could even spell it). For the loyal-lefty, public-school-brainwashed ‘feministas’ among us….Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language defines evil as: 1. wicked; arising from or caused by real or supposed wickedness; foul; disgusting; disastrous; ill-omened. 2. What is MORALLY WRONG; what HINDERS THE REALIZATION OF THE GOOD; what is MATERIALLY, ESPECIALLY SOCIALLY, VERY HARMFUL.

So; does evil exist? Hell yes it does. Anyone with any guts will look you in the eye and own it. Why am I talking about evil on a Pro-Second Amendment site? Simply because some of you well-meaning Betty Crocker’s out there are tripping over your heels, tippy-toeing around the main issue surrounding the Second Amendment. You’re allowing these so-called “progressive” baby-killing ho’s demanding free birth control and cradle-to-grave support for the “mistakes” they decided to allow to live, define the issue.

I’m not going to banter statistics back and forth with anyone over whether gun control regulations or assault weapon bans save lives. Ask any survivor of a violent sexual assault, if she thinks having a gun and the training to use it would have made a difference?

So all you Betty’s listen up; it really chaps my hide to hear these Kum Ba Yah Yoko’s blathering about making life safe for their children by banning guns, then in the next moment proudly proclaiming they are pro-choice. So it’s less wicked to kill the innocent result of their drunken spring break whore-fest, than to kill a rapist out on his. What they’re saying is; they’d rather take the rape, let the rapist live another day to get paroled (that is IF they can identify him) and then go do it to someone else while they murder the innocent fetus unlucky enough to have them as its parent. If women are the victim, they’re justified in taking their revenge, even if it’s on a helpless fetus. Oh Bravo, that’s the moral high ground as defined by the left. WHEN ARE REAL WOMEN GOING TO STAND UP AND STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD?

Don’t these liberal tabbies get it? They brag about how they’ve come so far in their battle for equality, then every chance they get they play the helpless damsel in distress, depending on some big handsome policeman to save them. Grow up! Gun ownership is a constitutionally mandated responsibility, not just a right to be put on or taken off like the latest fashion. Women need to fully embrace it and take control of their own destiny, instead of running from it like scared little girls, hiding behind their boob jobs and botox… “Hindering the realization of the good.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke This couldn’t be truer today, but some of you Betty’s seem to have a degree in straddling the fence. Come down off it, you can do it. Quit falling for these pseudo illuminati progressive bimbos and their talking points blather. You know in your gut that freedom is fragile, elusive, and hard-won. The Second Amendment must be protected, by voice or by force if necessary, for it ensures all other freedoms and rights against tyranny and oppression, against that which is “materially, especially socially, very harmful.” You have come a long way, baby… just not far enough! K-Bar

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