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I keep being asked why we post kick ass memes but don’t do anything about the problems we have in this country. So I am not posting a meme, I am going to answer that question. First, we are not just a Facebook page. We show up at rallies, talk to politicians, testify at the state senate level on all gun control issues, among many other ways of fighting for our 2nd amendment rights. We post memes and articles to engage our readers to think and discuss current issues and keep our cause in the front of our readers minds.

To many things when are not in the news get pushed to the back of your mind because there are so many things going on. We have taken this torch, to make sure that everyone we reach knows that we still have so much to do. To all that ask when is the fight starting. We don’t want to start a war on our own soil if we don’t have to. The first thing that will happen is we will be labeled as terrorists. If the government fires the first shot we are defending ourselves and our rights.

We have to fight with words, laws and the constitution. If we do not prevail, and they take action, then we will respond in kind. What do you think we should be doing at this point? Show up on the White House lawn? Unless every single gun owner showed up at once, we would be outnumbered and outgunned. We would either be dead or locked up for terroristic threat to the President. That will not help the cause. We have to be smart, vigilant and patient. If things don’t change, then we will have to try another tactic.

But before I close, here is my question to you…. What are you doing? Everyone has a vested interest in what is going on, so what are you doing to protect your rights, to get the word out and to make a difference? It takes everyone standing up and telling their politicians, their communities, neighbors and anyone who will listen what is going on,what needs to be done and tell them about Cold Dead Hands and what we do to preserve our 2nd amendment rights. If things don’t change for the better, then the fight will come, but why start the fight before we try all other options? Why invite the death and bloodshed of our brothers and sisters if we can end it without that? If it comes to it, I will be ready willing and able to do whatever needs to be done, but to start that prematurely will only hurt our cause not help it. Phoenix 

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