We the People; the OG 1st Responders

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As the Texas night gives way to day… my cup of black coffee sits cooling as I offer up my perspective for your consideration… thank you for taking the time to read it. 

We the People. That phrase means so much to so many. It conjures up images of Revolutionary men and women. It boldly states unity. And it should always embody self-reliance and responsibility. The question I offer up to you today is; Have many American citizens, lost the spirit of the words; We the People? 

Let’s take a little journey and maybe you can see what I mean… 

HARRISBURG WRECK: 1 airlifted to hospital after serious crash in Harrisburg, officials say WSOC-TV

It was beautiful day at the lake, you think as the boisterous day evolves into a quiet ride home. The radio playing in the background, the kids engaged in their iPads and iPhones, strapped carefully in the backseat. You glance at the beautiful woman sitting next to you, her head nodding as she drifts off into a peaceful nap…  

You smile broadly as the entire day unfolds, revisiting the laughter of your children splashing in the lake and the taste of the picnic lunch you shared. As you continue down the dimly lit, tree lined country road, your world suddenly explodes into darkness… 

The acrid smell of smoke fills your nose, as you fight and struggle against some unknown confinement. As your mind and eyes adjust, the realities of the last few seconds of your life starts to come into focus.  A pick-up truck crossing into your lane. You swerve to avoid… and all you remember is tumbling, over and again.  Your wife is lying lifeless, blood streaming down her face… as you scan for the back for the kids.

This is just one scenario of what can happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, it happens to over 1,000 people every day in this country. What you do after it happens, can often make the biggest difference in outcome. A quick prayer, in my opinion has always worked well… but at the end of the day, knowing how to administer the proper care of emergency first aid, is likely to be the first line of defense in keeping your flock safe. The question you should be asking yourself is; Are you a 1st Responder?

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You do one last check of the doors as you drag your tired butt to bed, you stop to check on the baby and your beautiful teenage daughter. Both sleeping peacefully, you quietly shut their doors and head to the bedroom… time for a couple of hours before your day starts all over again. 

You are awakened to the sound of breaking glass… jarred from a peaceful dream your mind snaps to as you gaze into the wide eyes of your wife. You can now hear the noises of someone inside your castle and footsteps on the stairs. Your first thoughts go to the baby and your teenage daughter, as you bounce out of bed. Your wife is dialing 911 as you make your way to the bedroom door… the 2 hours a day in the gym for the last 4 years is evident in your step. 

You meet the intruder in the hallway as he drags your teenage daughter by her hair… her screams echoing in your ears as the testosterone courses through your body, he raises a handgun to her head, and suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt…. 

The next thing you realize is the tightness around your wrists and the taste of blood in your mouth. Your ears are now accosted by the sound of your wife and daughter sobbing and the baby screaming inconsolably as unfamiliar voices laugh. You open your eyes to the worst nightmare of your life… Did you and your family have a plan?

The average number of home invasion per year in the United States is 1,030,000. Does your plan rely solely on calling others to respond? If so, you might want to make another plan. Depending on where you live, response times can vary from 8 to 15 minutes. A lot can happen in that time… 

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Lazy day at the office, everyone is ready to go home and enjoy the weekend when suddenly you hear firecrackers exploding… You look up from your desk and suddenly realize, THEY ARE NOT FIRECRACKERS. The next few minutes of your life are the most critical moments someone may ever experience, and nearly 2 million American workers may have experienced some form of “workplace violence” in the last year. 

Maybe this scenario isn’t an “active shooter” scenario. Maybe it is a drug crazed customer with a knife? Maybe a “mountain” of a man with a chip on his shoulder? Maybe a fire or an earth quake? There are many scenarios that you might encounter during your lifetime. The quality of outcome depends upon your desire to return home and the abilities needed to make that happen.

I understand that sometimes people become incapacitated and will not be effective, no matter how much training they have received. That is just the tough road of life, but with the right knowledge you can instruct others to do it in your stead. Knowing what to do, is half the battle. Knowing how to control the scene, helps us eliminate much of our fears and once you can gain some control, the better our decision-making skills become. 

Whether you have been a part of any or all these scenarios or maybe driven upon or responded to them… Knowing how to handle various types of emergency situations is a key element of responsibility that many Americans have lost. Many have abdicated responsibility to the “real” 1st responders that our government provides for us.  After all, calling 911 has become so easy and relatively successful that many of the citizens of this country simply believe that is all that is needed.

In fact, many people believe that anything can be done with a simple phone call… until it isn’t. When we experience a breakdown in that system of thought (the physical act of calling someone to help), we have created a “scapegoat” and absolved ourselves of responsibility.

An unanswered prayer; it’s got to be God’s fault. A long wait for a 1st Responder; it was their fault. The cavalry doesn’t arrive in time to stop the “bad guy”; it’s their fault. We have developed a “blame” type mentality that has further abdicated our personal responsibilities… and it is getting worse every day. 

I think the tough questions American citizens should be asking themselves are; Am I a 1st Responder? What can I do to be part of the solution?  Are you willing to step into the breach and defend or protect innocence?

If you are a believer in Christ, it is your obligation to “stand in the breach” for others. It is your obligation to be defenders of those weaker than yourself. As our Master, He commands such actions:

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:17 

As a non-believer in Christ (an opinion you are most certainly entitled to), it still does not absolve you of that responsibility.  Our Founders mandated that liberty and freedom would come at a cost… it wasn’t free. It comes at the expense of responsibility, self-reliance, attention to the details, and the willingness to stand up for those weaker than yourself.  We must ensure that We as a People, can always stand proud upon the efforts and sweat of our own brow. It is the only way liberty and freedom can exist as intended. 

We the People must seek the OG way of life. We must look toward the type of people who helped give birth the greatest country in the world. Those who created the greatest form of government known to man. We must step into the breach and embrace the person it takes to become the OG We the People. Self-reliant and responsible. Caring and kind toward our fellow man, but fierce and defensive toward those that seek to usurp individual sovereignty. We must become planners and organizers. Happiness is born out of organized planning. My motto has always been; “It’s better to be over prepared for too little, than under prepared for too much.”

We must all become 1st Responders. We must all be prepared for anything that life throws us… We don’t have to become a firefighter, but you damn well should know how to fight one long enough to rescue your flock from one. You don’t have to become a police officer, but you should certainly be trained on how to use a firearm safely, if the need should ever arise. And be able to use the brains God blessed you with to get out of or avoid completely, a bad situation. You don’t have to be a heart surgeon or a paramedic, but you should be prepared to give LIFE SAVING aid to someone in need and have the supplies necessary to “make it happen”. 

Keep in mind, I’m not perfect by any means… I am no saint by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have a very real and personal relationship with my Christ. It is my choice to seek Him and His council, and I do so daily. He helps me to keep my past demons at bay, learn to be a better person tomorrow through self-reflection of my past, than I was today. He has given me many talents that I have successfully used throughout my life… as I try to do the best with what He has given me. 

I encourage all of you to just think about it. Or let’s talk about it. We can talk about Founding Father doctrine, the survival skills I have learned or about the relationship I have with my Christ. As we walk this journey called life, we need to figure out how to communicate again, because We the People are disappearing, and it is becoming; Me the Person.

Thanks for reading along with my perspective. Have a great and prosperous day.

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Patrick James                     

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