Trump – American Hitler? The Left Says Yes, As Usual.

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Submitted By; Matthew Howe

Anyone the “Left” doesn’t like gets instantly compared to Hitler, which is hilarious when you consider it is their political philosophy which advocates concentrating power in a central government. You know, like fascism does.

The latest victim of this smear campaign is President Elect Trump. The Trump/Hitler comparisons have gotten so intense they’ve pretty much “jumped the shark,” but also show no signs of slowing. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Trump is a wannabe Hitler (which he’s not, but…), what do these leftist Hitler watchdogs plan to do about it?

Case in point, an op-ed in the Seattle Times by writer Jerry Large, a dude who has a major boner for the Trump/Hitler story, under this headline: “Seattle’s Franz Wasserman, 96, warns of chilling parallels with Nazi era.

Wassermann is a man who witnessed the rise of Nazism in his native Germany. His family narrowly escaped before things got too bad.

Wassermann, terrified by the scent of fascism he smells on the wind,  penned a missive concerning the incoming Trump administration. The letter, sent to family, media and politicians, contains a typically vague set of accusations which seek to suggest that Trump is America’s Hitler. (Bonus points to anyone who can identify the American president who was the most Hitler-like. Hint: his initials are FDR.)

At least one of these allegations, that Trump is toxically anti-semitic, could much more rationally be leveled against President Obama, especially in light of recent events. If Trump is an anti-Semite, someone might want to tell him that his daughter is an Orthodox Jew who converted to Judaism when she married her husband, Jared Kushner, the man widely credited with winning Trump the Presidency. However, none of that fits the narrative, so it is tossed overboard and ignored.

Wassermann’s letter found its way to Mr. Large, who decided the accusations were so powerful it deserved a column of it’s own.

Besides quoting Wassermann’s letter at length, Large’s piece takes it upon itself to tell Wassermann’s story, detailing the slow build up of outrages the Nazi’s committed against the Jews which forced Wassermann’s family to flee.

Okay, fine, Nazis suck, we hate them and we mourn for the innocents massacred by Hitler and his cabal of madmen, but what the hell does that have to do with America, 2017?

Chilling parallels to the Nazi era, that’s what.

The column ends thusly: “Could our democracy be subverted in some way similar to what happened in Germany? Only someone who doesn’t know history would say it absolutely couldn’t happen. We are responsible for protecting our democracy , which means recognizing danger-signs and challenging ideas and actions that violate the ideals we claim as our own.”

Okay, fine. Let’s say that Mr. Large’s vague threats of coming fascism actually have some tiny basis in reality. My question is this: IF the Trump goons start rounding up the Jews (starting with his own daughter, son-in-law and grandkids which will be easy because they’re downstairs in the den…) what are Mr. Large and his lefty buddies going to do about it? Write a column? Lead a protest march? Boycott Kroger?

Go for it, friends, but I’m guessing the outcome isn’t going to be so good.

I’ll tell you what WILL put the brakes on Holocaust 2018: a few hundred (thousand?) armed Americans showing up at the train yard and putting a copper-jacketed kink into the box car loading.
If totalitarianism ever does come to our shores, whether from external forces or an elected tyrant in President’s clothing, the only real and effective resistance is going to come from those who own and train with firearms. Those who have some understanding of how to employ deadly force and are willing to put their lives on the line to defend others.

Look up Bielski partisans, a group of rebel Jews who are credited with saving more than 1,200 people from Hitler’s holocaust. How did they do it? Not by writing newspaper columns, but by force of arms. Which is exactly the reason we have the 2nd Amendment.

Yet Jerry Large, an important thought-leader and columnist for a large regional newspaper, who is breathlessly hinting that fascism and genocide could be right over the horizon, is also a fierce advocate for gun control.

Looking back over his prior writings, we find nothing but typical and utterly cliched support for any gun control measure that wanders down the pike.

Universal background checks? Hell yeah!

Assault weapons ban? Sign me up!

Registration and licensing of all gun owners? What are we waiting for? Do it!

In other words, if true totalitarianism ever did rear its ugly in America, Jerry Large has spent his entire career advocating for measures which would make it impossible for the American people to respond effectively.

If anyone is enabling tyrants, it’s not Trump voters, it’s people like Jerry Large who want us disarmed and compliant.

So your public service message for the day: Don’t Enable Hitler. Buy a gun and learn to use it.

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