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A Divided Nation?

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Ferguson MissouriThis VIDEO [Michael Brown’s Mother] shows exactly the type of “mentality” that continues to divide our Nation. A cause; born out of the grief and anguish felt by a mother for the loss of her son. That grief is now exhorted by a political system that feeds upon the division of its citizens to further destroy this country through any means possible.

This is a battle tactic that has been used for years. They create a diversion (Martin and Brown) who are really only “pawns” in this callous game they’re playing and on any other normal day would just be a casualty of life, but because it is “white on black” it plays better in the media. Proof of this is urban drive by shootings of black on black initiated violence. Where’s this”No justice, no peace” then? Why is the media downplaying those murders? Why isn’t Sharpton banging that drum? Is the loss of innocent lives not media worthy? Is the life of a 5 year old little girl who was playing innocently on a playground worth less than a grown man who ignored the orders of a law enforcement officer?