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Survival Tips for Stealth Training

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Nothing works all of the time. Everything works some of the time!“
By Snake Blocker

#1. Have the right mindset. Block out any phobias you may have had since childhood (or adulthood) about the dark.


#2 Have the right gear and equipment for the environment, as well as, for the elements that you may encounter. Warm and hot weather gear are needed as temperatures drop during the night and rise during the day. Use multiple layers of clothing; wear thick gloves for moving up and down rough terrain; have rope for climbing and descending quietly; bandanna for multi-use; compass for navigation; and off course, appropriate survival items are all helpful.


#3 Stay in the shadows and have correct color clothing, such as camouflage specific to area, dark blue or olive theme colors are recommended. If clothing is too dark, such as dark brown or black, your body patterns can be seen more visibly.