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It’s About So Much More That Just “Open Carry” in Texas – Gun Group Will Manufacture Firearms At The State Capital

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Before we begin, if you are an anti-gun advocate or just someone who believes in “reasonable common sense” restrictions and regulations, then grab the duct tape and wrap it securely around your head. I don’t want your head to explode all over the computer monitor when you read this. Once your head is secured properly, please continue.

Hopefully I have gotten your attention now and you are wondering what all the hubbub is about. Well, you know those crazy Texas folk walking around with long guns and causing all the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth? Well, they are taking their front line fight for gun rights to the next level. Tuesday, January 13th 2014 they will be in Austin to voice their support for House Bill 195, which would make open carry of handguns in Texas just like the current open carry of long guns, unlicensed and unregulated. In essence it would bring Constitutional Carry to Texas. I know, you’re thinking, “Really? Is that all?” and the answer is NO, not by a long shot. They will be visiting all 181 legislators and delivering their petition in support of HB195, but that is just the beginning. This is where it gets interesting…