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RFID… The Road To Digital Slavery

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RFID Coming Your WayLately, when I sit down to write something, my mind is so cluttered with all the garbage I read daily (mainstream media propaganda as well as comments from the liberal gun grabbers on Cold Dead Hands), that I just want to crawl inside a bottle of Jameson and say screw this crazy, messed up Leftist mindset. It seems that either their sheep-like naiveté (willingness to follow along blindly) or their unnatural lust for a Utopian society (belief that Socialism is a viable option) is forcing them to stop short of nothing to get what they want. They are hell-bent on destroying the moral fabric and foundation of the greatest country in the world and see our once brave citizens either scared or drunkenly placated by our lethally “spiked” media punchbowl of sensationalized news. 


The errant ‘pussification’ of America is terrifying me to the point that I’ve considered the Patriot Relocation Program a time or two. Although I could never see myself living anywhere other than the United States of America, I’m worried that if they are allowed to continue down this path, what was once  the land of the free and home of the brave will not exist anymore. We might as well have a government enforced and sanctioned “polite” police now, as they tell us how to handle bullies such as rapists, thieves and murderers! Call Law Enforcement when someone breaks into your house.