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Gun Guy & Gun Gal Gifts With A Purpose

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Cold Dead Hands Store - Christmas Spirit For A Good Cause

Ok, let me just say right up front, my sincerest apologies to you gun gals, but as a guy I can only speak for the gun GUYS out there. Although, I know for a fact that many of these gift ideas will appeal to the Gun Gals as well and I have included a couple for the ladies, too. So, what to get your favorite gun guy/gal for Christmas? Well, any “gun guy/gal” worth the title already has guns, right? For your beloved gun guy/gal, it’s time to accessorize. Gift giving with a purpose through CDH

What good are guns without ammo, right? There’s no such thing as “too much ammo”! Now that we have the obvious out of the way, now what? It has often been said that “firearms are Barbies for men”, but believe you me gun gals out there can accessorize and help your gun guys.

Every firearm has it’s own almost infinite list accessory options, so we’ll just take a look at a few to give you some ideas.

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REVIEW: Liquid Eyewear – Precision Made in the USA.

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Patrick James’ Gadsden Shades:
Patrick James' Gadsden ShadesThe first thing I noticed as I took everything out of the package was of course the “Gadsden flag” colored hingeless aluminum frames. Extremely lightweight and easily adjustable to any head size, I immediately slid them on and began to tweak them until they fit perfectly. Continuing to rummage carefully through the rest of the contents, I found that Liquid Eyewear included extra nose pieces to further customize the fit of these sweet spec”s as well as a nice soft microfiber sock in which they reside, when not in use. I also ordered the “gasket” option, needed for some of the more extreme activities I find myself doing and at first glance, they made me a little leery. After following the directions, Yes I read the directions, I applied them to the frames and with the incredible fit and technology used in making them, I have goggles as well as glasses.