2016 Presidential Actors

In Politics by Patrick JamesLeave a Comment

   I have seen lists being circulated lately of contenders for the 2016 presidential race. I know part of that is because the GOP is truly without a leader and tottering back and forth between conservative and moderate values on any given issue, with a demoralized and confused base of support.

    Well instead of offering my own list of contenders, I am going to tell you who has absolutely no business running for office. I think it is obvious that some people will run simply because they have nothing to lose and it enables them to turn our election process into a marketing and PR campaign for personal gain and product recognition for book tours and public speaking engagements. Such candidates tend to throw their hat into the ring, and then quickly retreat before public scrutiny will show them what they are really made of, or they stay longer than their 15 minutes of fame, and turn their act into a freak show performance.

    Our country is too close to the brink of collapse to entertain sideshow stage performances by snake oil/used car salesmen who care only about their bank accounts and market branding, and have zero regard for our Country and constitution. You won’t find someone on this list who does not have a strong history of political opportunism: someone that is in politics for the paycheck and puts a price tag on principles.