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Snowpocalypse? Or Just Life?

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SnowpocalypseI really don’t get the news media’s sensationalization of this snow storm in the Northeast. When we lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota in the mid to late ’60’s, 5-6 feet of snow over night was not unusual, in fact was actually the norm once a month or so. People in Canada are ROFL.

My Dad often had to dig out a “path” to be able to get the snow mobile out of the garage to go to work on. Somewhere I have a picture he took where he rolled up the garage door, and there is a narrow black strip along the top that is the night sky; the white is the snow that was about 7 feet deep in our driveway.

The National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers would go around bulldozing streets, parking lots and using skip loaders to clear driveways. Almost everyone had some kind of tractor or Bobcat they could use to dig themselves out, and helped those neighbors and relatives out who for whatever reason didn’t have their own.