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Comments on Open Carry

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Regardless of how you feel about openly carrying a pistol, there are a few things anyone who regularly open carries can tell you: firstly that most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice that you have a gun.  Secondly, if someone does notice they are probably just going to give you a brief “look-of-panic” and then hurry away.  Thirdly, when someone says something to you it can be put into two categories, the intelligent and the ignorant.  What follows is a list of some of these comments, from both categories, as given to me from our followers on Facebook.

The Ignorant:

Whenever I OC here in Georgia, my most common question is ‘Why do you ‘need’ a gun?’ as to which I reply ‘ I also have a fire extinguisher’.  Robby WhiteDynamite Clark

Is that a real gun and are you a real cowboy? (OC a Vaquero)  Michael Murray

While carrying a Glock in a tactical quickdraw holster a women tells me “nice six shooter.” WTF? Guess we are back in the Wild West.  Robbie Breaux

Most of the time I get mistaken for a police officer. Had a guy approach me in a store to ask about paying a traffic ticket.  Neal Allen

“Can I touch it?” Thomas Pedrosa

My favorite was when I was getting ready to start working for a trucking company. I explained to the person that I was licensed to carry a gun and I wanted to know what their policies were. She told me she didn’t know how it could possibly even be legal for someone to be licensed to carry. Bryan Sykes

Gun! Gun! He’s got a GUN!!! Dru Richards

Had an older woman lean over to her elderly husband and say “i think that man over there is a cop”. Kasey Kb Burgess

Is it loaded always gets me laughing. Chuck Parham

I once had a kid ask me if a 380mm was good for self defense …I said sure, if you wanted to clear the entire side of a mountain! Jordan Ross

I was sittin in a place eating one night, and I had my .45 on my hip, and the couple behind me told the waitress,’I don’t feel comfortable with that guy with a gun on his hip’ then had the nerve to ask me if I knew how to use it, and if I had a permit for it. I’m like I spent time in, I know proper gun control, and yes I do, I work with rookie police officers at the training range. That shut her up. Matt Sutherland

I was in Walmart and waved at a little girl… when I turned away to go down the next aisle she said to her mom “Mommy, why does that lady have a gun?” the next thing I heard was a panicked mom voice say “What?!?” since I wasn’t directly spoken to I didn’t go back, and I didn’t run in to them again during that shopping trip. Lena Lawe

I carry a 38 OC and a 9mm CC. Was stopped only once in the Bangor Mall by a Security Officer who informed me that it was Illegal to Discharge my Weapons within the Bangor City Limits. He then asked since I was wearing my Retired Army Baseball Cap if I ever killed anyone and if I suffered from PTS. I asked him how many times he failed the test to become a real Cop before he settled for a Mall Security Job ? He walked away without answering. Albert Boyd Cruce Knapper

I can remember stopping for lunch one day as I overheard the people behind me ask I wounded if that gun is loaded. I turned around & informed them it wouldn’t do me any good if it was unloaded. Rodney Hopkins

I usually carry concealed, but when I DO carry open, the one comment that I get that just irritates the heck out of me is, “What are you afraid of?”. My response, “Nothing, obviously”. Kmt Reeves

My grandma asked me just a few days ago “Do you have a permit to carry that thing?” Brandon Richmond

The Intelligent:

Sitting at a restaurant one night and my waitress saw my gun she asked if it was loaded so I said yes. When she asked why I just asked if the fire extinguisher was loaded…. She smiled and walked away. Later she thanked me for carrying and discounted my meal.  Josh Sloyer

“Thank you, I feel a lot safer standing by you” we are not alone!!! Mack Lounsbury

In the last year….honestly…..what I have heard MOST is: “Hey, thanks for that!” I “OC” mostly (85% or so), and exclusively in and around my “small-local business” J Matty Matuszewski

I’ve only open carried a few times and like u said in one of your posts a few months ago people don’t even notice. The only comments that I got was from people I know telling me good job. And one restaurant I go to all the time and got to know the owner he gave me a discount because I was carrying in the open. Mike Mendez