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Did You Know: The Gun Debate Isn’t Even About Guns?

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The Gun DebateI often ask myself, why do we call it a gun debate in America? Gun Rights, Gun Control, Gun Culture, Gun Violence… The whole conversation isn’t even about guns. Guns are merely the shiny distraction that everyone focuses on, while the real debate boils just under the surface. When you take the word GUN out of it, you start to see the REAL debate; Rights, Control, Culture, Violence…

When people say “gun rights”, what they really mean is HUMAN rights. I have the natural human right to LIVE, to protect and preserve my life and the responsibility to protect the rights of those around me. When people say “gun control”, what they really mean is PEOPLE control. They want to control who is armed and with what level of self-protection. They want the power. When we speak of the “gun culture”, what we are really talking about is the AMERICAN culture. Despite the make up of our citizenry, mutts from around the world, America DOES have it’s own distinct and unique culture and values. Dennis Prager sums it up quite eloquently in his American Trinity which I highly recommend you watch. That brings us to “gun violence”, which really refers to the breakdown of our society as a whole.