The Perfect Pistol

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What makes one pistol better than another?  Is there a formula that could be given to a new gun owner to make sure that the perfect pistol is purchased?  Maybe a checklist to send in with someone looking to purchase their very first pistol, to make sure that they select the right one?  If there were to be a checklist created, who would create it?  The creation of that list would most certainly be an issue of high contention. 

There are as many preferred pistols as there are people carrying them.  Some people have a favorite pistol based primarily on manufacturer.  A good example of that would be the “Glock Guys”.  They love them a Glock, and when asked by a new or potential gun owner what they would recommend first next and last a Glock.  I encountered several “Glock Guys” when I was looking for my first pistol.  I went to a well recommended gun store that had a very impressive rental wall and a reasonable fee for trying out several pistols.  I wasn’t sure what caliber pistol I wanted, so I asked the guy manning the rental wall to give me a variety of guns in a variety of calibers.  The only 2 of the 10 guns I shot that were not Glocks were the Sig Sauer and Kahr that I had asked for specifically.  Your “Glock Guy” would make his number one item on the checklist “Is the pistol a Glock? Yes: buy it. No: don’t buy it”