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Don’t Think They’ll Stop with “Common Sense” Restrictions

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Just when I think I’m used to gun control advocates using every trick in their book to limit our freedoms, they still manage to shock and disgust me.

In the wake of Saturday’s horrible killing, you would think they’d learn that their “common sense” restrictions don’t work. Or at least, that they can’t make a case to exploit out of this murder. I mean, California has the wish-list of gun reforms requested by Obama to address gun violence. This killer passed the background check. We are told that is apanacea if we made it “universal.” It has a 10 round magazine ban. It has an “assault weapons” ban. It all but prohibits CCW licenses (especially in the community where this took place), and it was in a giant gun-free zone. According to the first line of attack for Obama, Feinstein, and Moms Demand Action, they had everything one could hope for in “common sense” gun laws. You know, the ones they tell us they can enact while respecting our Second Amendment rights.