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Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry

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The Texas Legislature has passed Licensed Open Carry with one more ‘formal’ vote remaining before the bill is sent to Governor Greg Abbott. While we are excited that Texas is moving the right direction, we would like to warn you against giving the left what they want –  for us to accept this victory and loosen our grip on the failing Progressive agenda. 

Licensed Open Carry is a compromise. If you are a resident of Texas, it should go without saying that you should not be happy that your elected statesmen have compromised in regard to your Constitutional Rights. Anything less than Constitutional Carry is an infringement upon our rights as a Free People. Texas should be a leader in the realm of Pro-Gun Politics. It is encouraging to see that Texas’ Gun Laws are moving in the right direction – away from its longstanding infringing similarities to laws in leftist strongholds like New York and California.