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Open Letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott: URGENT UPDATE!

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UPDATE: Since writing this open letter to Governor-elect Greg Abbott a lot has happened, including the introduction of HB195, which is essentially a “constitutional carry” bill for Texas. See the end of the open letter for further details and information. Saddle Up Texas, your state needs you now more than ever.

Texas Monthly October CoverOriginal Letter: I will freely admit, up front and on the record, that I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of having you as my next Governor here in the Great State of Texas! That being said, your election to the state’s highest office is not the end of the subject, but merely the beginning of what is to be a lively debate, I’m sure. First and foremost in the debate will be the right to BEAR arms. Right out of the box, post-election, you said “If an Open Carry bill is passed by the House and Senate, I will sign it into law,” to which you added, “If Open Carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for Texas.” To that I would argue “open carry” is NOT good enough for Texas, but Constitutional Carry would be. Grassroots activism and involvement as delegates in the Texas Republican Convention produced “A Resolution in support of prioritizing Constitutional Carry legislation”. This grassroots initiative makes Constitutional Carry a legislative priority in the 2015 legislature and Constitutional Carry would appear to be at odds with your stated policy position or at least more comprehensive in its scope.