The Socialist Islamic State

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Fascism, at least in the word’s common usage of today, is understood to be a form of socialism in which a centralized authoritarian regime or dictator, one which places nation/race/religion above all else, controls a society through strict regimentation and the suppression of dissent and opposition.

The term “Islamofascism” is generally understood to describe an authoritarian political system based on Islamist beliefs.

It isn’t a difficult stretch to understand that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fits the definition of Islamofascism.

In fact, once one takes a closer look at the Islamic State, it becomes clear that they are indeed socialists, of the Islamic variety.

Their goal is to establish a Caliphate, or one giant, all-inclusive Islamic nation, in which everyone lives under strict Islamic Sharia law. Non-believers and dissenters are driven out, extorted, forced to submit and convert, or killed. Opposition is not tolerated.