Can You Hear Me Now? No More Warrantless Searches Of Cell Phones

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By Steven M Denny, Attorney at Law

A right is something that you take for granted until you need it. People are often surprised when they enter my office to discuss the details of the case the government has brought against them. Clients say “they never read me my rights.” They say “they just kicked the door in without saying who they were.” They say “they put me in a squad car after I refused the search and asked my angry ex-girlfriend if they could search my apartment.” Without fail, every client who asks one of those questions asks this next question:


Unfortunately, the answer is more often than not, “yes.”

Your rights are eroding right under your feet. I wager that most of the people who take the time to read this are not accused of a crime. I suspect many of you have acted as jurors in criminal cases and have seen law enforcement tactics that you knew were questionable but let them get away with it because the defendant “was a really bad guy.” Pay attention, because before long, all the “really bad guys” will be locked up and in comparison, you and I will be the really bad guys because we demand our rights which unfortunately will no longer be there.