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Moms Demand: Increased Rape with Campus Carry Movement?

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1361197410 9995 which sign1682We all know what Shannon Watts has been up to since her invent of Moms Demand Action, no it’s not a “porno” title (they claim we “gun nuts” refer to it as such) and although I do think it’s funny, they are quickly becoming one of the most destructively inaccurate and emotionally biased propagandist groups to ever grace the social media scene. Shannon’s use of sentences like;And who are the NRA’s missionaries in this grotesque campaign to exploit campus rape in order to sell more guns?” her newest attempt at reporting the “news”, is just as “grotesque and garish” at the very least.  Her emotionally charged hyperbole has absolutely no foundation. Shannon knows there are no factual statistics to bolster her claims, so in typical “Shannon Watts” fashion, she “lays it on thick” in hopes that “emotionally” charged readers will take up her torch.

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Texas Constitutional Carry Bill: Blueprint For Other States?

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As the 84th Texas Legislature begins it’s 2015 session, one of the top issues up for consideration is a variety of firearms carry legislation. Numerous bills have been proposed, but one seems to stand out from the rest. House Bill 195 appears to be the closest thing possible to Constitutional Carry on a state level without the repeal of numerous federal gun laws. For states that do not have “constitutional carry” for example in Oklahoma, you can open carry if you have a concealed carry permit, this legislation could very well set a new standard for converting from permit required carry to constitutional carry. Due to the permit requirement, Oklahoma’s law is not “constitutional carry” law because you still have to pay the state and obtain a permit to carry concealed or openly. Basically, all they did is remove the “concealed” requirement for their concealed carry permit system. While HB195 will still maintain the Texas Concealed Handgun License, it will be voluntary rather than required. At this point it is important to maintain the CHL program for interstate reciprocity when people are travelling. However, under HB195 if you can “legally own a firearm” then you can carry it openly or concealed without a permit within the state of Texas.

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A Conversation with TJ Fabby

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TJ Fabby has thrown his hat into the ring of politics in the state of Texas as a candidate for Representative in House District 10. I had the opportunity to interview him, but this is not your typical Q & A, my goal was to attempt to get to know the man, as well as his policies. We all know that political campaigns are a long string of canned answers to questions and political talking points, so I conducted this interview a little differently. I didn’t go into this with a prepared set of questions, we just talked and talked and talked. After an hour and a half, we finally wrapped it up with plans to talk again once he got settled into his new office in Austin, because that is where this man belongs.

TJ Fabby is Texan through and through, he loves the state, the people and the independent spirit that is Texas. His love of that independence showed in all of the topics we discussed from taxes, to federal regulation to Constitutional Carry in Texas. His focus is squarely on individual sovereignty and state sovereignty. He believes they are the fundamental foundation from which regain control of the out of control leviathan that is the federal government. One proposal that illustrates this is to replace the state property tax with a consumption tax (sales tax) and we discussed at length the pros and cons. I must say that he stated his case very effectively in that the consumption tax would allow people to actually OWN their property without risk of losing it to the state for failure to pay the taxes, true property ownership.