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What Is Constitutional Carry?

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Back in the day, all the pro-gun buzz surrounded states passing “Right To Carry” or concealed carry legislation, but the conversation recently has taken a decidedly different turn. Now that all 50 states have some concealed carry laws that allow citizens to carry in public, some obviously better than others, the conversation has shifted from the “right to carry” to the “FREEDOM to carry” also referred to as Constitutional Carry. So, What is Constitutional Carry? Surprisingly most people haven’t got a clue what it is and the name is rather misleading, so let’s take a closer look.

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Where Will You Be Finding, Drawing and Shooting a Criminal? Round Back?

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By W. Hock Hochheim
Originally published at ForceNecessaryTV Reprinted by permission from


 And there you have it. The above picture of the perfect crime. The masked attacker. The huddling wife and blond, innocent child. Protected by the middle-aged, middle-American, pulling his pistola to stop the classic masked attacker ““ an armed robber we automatically presume? Oh, and the dumpsters. Yes, yes, the dumpsters, which subliminally tell us that average Mr. and Mrs. Middle America and said fair, blond child had, by some mistake, traveled- “round back.” 

     You know, “round back!” You know where that is – round back of the store, “round back” the mall, “round back” of something that they shouldn’t be “round back” of, near “dumpster world.” The world where the masked thugs and drug addicts and serial killers are sitting in waiting. No one should venture “round back, “ but yet, gosh, there they were. (I will publish this picture and no doubt get some responses proclaiming that this couple made the mistake of passing by the “round-back, dumpster-world.”) Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is a great “˜throw-down” line, but a very vague, golden rule. Wrong place. Where exactly is that? 

Adaptation or Extinction

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Life has a way of throwing us some rather extreme changes, deviations, to which we either learn to adapt or we simply fail.  When Darwin described the progress of evolution …