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Old Glory and UC Irvine collide

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American Flag in the SunPolitical Correctness has taken its toll on many Americans as our current Administration continues to tout the benefits of splitting our Nation through cultural divisiveness, but enough is enough.  I fail to understand how a “public” university that was built off the backs of the American people could possibly be ignorant enough to even think of banning the American flag?  I don’t care that UC Irvine may be one of the most “liberal” universities in the Nation.  I don’t care if the students think they should have a say in it. The faculty and alumni should be furious over this decision, and blatantly tell them in no uncertain terms; “IT AIN’T HAPPENING HERE”

The Associated Students of University of California (ASUCI) passed a resolution March 3rd that would remove the American flag along with every other flag, from the lobby of a complex housing the offices for the student government in an attempt at making their school more “culturally inclusive”.

“Designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidentially,” read the resolution authored by Matthew Guevara.