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If Gun Control Doesn’t Work, We Need MORE Gun Control

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This is the overriding message we are hearing from the gun control camp since Saturday.  It doesn’t really make any sense, does it?  It’s like the old saying, We lose money on each item, but we make it up in volume!  

Of course, to cover up their illogic, the gun control advocates like to obfuscate and prey on the ignorance of the masses. That way, many of the people blaming the NRA won’t actually know what laws were in place where and when. They won’t know that this person underwent a background check, or that all of this happened in a gun control utopia state. The grabbers also expect their supporters to be lacking middle-school civics knowledge about Federalism and how State and Federal law interacts. 

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Should America Be Thanking The Isla Vista Murderer?

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DISCLAIMER: Despite the seemingly insensitive title, this is an honest questioning of where we are today and what our future holds. – Jon Britton aka DoubleTap

Gun Control Myth ShatteredNo I have not snapped a mental twig and Yes that is an extreme statement, but it got your attention now didn’t it? “Attention” seems to be the primary motivator for young, disturbed Mr. Rodger. Ironically, his actions have brought unwanted attention to the utter failure of gun control as well. With all due reverence to those who lost loved ones and those injured in this rampage, we collectively mourn the losses as a nation. So, now let us take away the lessons learned and honor those lives by not letting them be lost in vain.