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Gun Control Advocates Have Their Captain Queeg Moment

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How many of you are familiar with the movie and book, The Caine Mutiny?  The film has a famous scene where Humphrey Bogart, playing Captain Queeg, breaks down on the witness stand. His true character is dramatically revealed as his full insanity lets loose where everyone in the court can see it. Video of Scene. This weekend, the Gun Control Advocates had their Captain Queeg moment. 

After a horrific series of murders, half of which occurred by knife, not gun, and all of which occurred in the Gun Control Utopia of California, where they already have enacted everything on the “common sense” gun control checklist, the gun control advocates STILL tried to exploit the killings. It brought them to a new level of frothing incoherency. I have a lot of problems with the gun control advocates. As a general rule, I find them varying degrees of incorrect, inconsistent, illogical, and hypocritical.  And yet, even with those low expectations, they managed to shock, surprise, and disgust me this weekend.