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Open Letter To Speaker Boehner

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Speaker Boehner,

First, I’ll wish you a Happy New Year. Much work needs to be done and now that Republican’s are the majority in both Houses of Congress, you have no excuse. Even though I do not live in your Congressional District, as Speaker of the House, you are my Constitutional Representative, and I have legitimate expectations.

The results of the 2014 mid-term elections are a step in the right direction but not because Republican’s are now in power. To the contrary, it is because the Democrats are no longer in power. There is a big difference, and if Republican’s fail to properly “Support and Defend the US Constitution”, and properly, exercise your lawful authority, then you will also find yourselves removed from power in 2016.

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If you thought Boehner was going to swoop in like a superhero and save Centropolis from the evil progressives just because he has an R on his red jammies, you should be aware that more Democrats opposed this bill than Republicans. True, some of them wanted to spend more. But I’ve said it before and no one listens. The same group of elites providing these progressives with an unlimited charge card mark their bill paid in full whether they wear red jammies or blue jammies.