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Gun Guy & Gun Gal Gifts With A Purpose

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Cold Dead Hands Store - Christmas Spirit For A Good Cause

Ok, let me just say right up front, my sincerest apologies to you gun gals, but as a guy I can only speak for the gun GUYS out there. Although, I know for a fact that many of these gift ideas will appeal to the Gun Gals as well and I have included a couple for the ladies, too. So, what to get your favorite gun guy/gal for Christmas? Well, any “gun guy/gal” worth the title already has guns, right? For your beloved gun guy/gal, it’s time to accessorize. Gift giving with a purpose through CDH

What good are guns without ammo, right? There’s no such thing as “too much ammo”! Now that we have the obvious out of the way, now what? It has often been said that “firearms are Barbies for men”, but believe you me gun gals out there can accessorize and help your gun guys.

Every firearm has it’s own almost infinite list accessory options, so we’ll just take a look at a few to give you some ideas.

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Cold Dead Hands reviews the Alex Pro Firearms NiB Bolt Carrier Group

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Patrick James Shooting His ARWhen Garrett, from Alex Pro Firearms asked Cold Dead Hands to do a review on their Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group, I said to myself; “Sure, why not? I’ve heard a lot of hype over the NiB (nickel boron) plating, but never actually tested one.” Let’s face it, if you’re like me, who wouldn’t want something that makes clean up easier? Just ask my ex’s… I hate cleaning and sure enough, a NiB plated bolt carrier makes clean up a breeze.

Now before I get into the details of the review and the “praise” this company and their BCG will inevitably receive, I’d like to take a minute or two to explain some of the details regarding Nickel Boron plating.

Nickel Boron coatings are columnar in growth resulting in a distinct nodular topography which serves to reduce surface to surface contact of two mating / sliding surfaces reducing drag / friction. The nodular structure dissipates heat at greater efficiency due to greater surface area. Simply put; it needs less lubrication to slide more efficiently.