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Stop the hate – Educate!

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Stop The Hate. Educate

As an outspoken advocate for liberty and Constitutionally protected rights, the 2nd Amendment in particular, I hear all the anti-gun/gun control arguments on a daily basis. It is sad that most of the arguments against guns and gun rights are easily rebutted, but are seldom heard. Those driven to ban guns, restrict ownership or impose the infamous “common sense regulations” are driven by two basic things, fear and hate.

The fear that drives many opponents to gun rights is born of ignorance. Let me stop here and define “ignorance” so that people don’t misread this as a slur. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information. Those who do not have any first-hand knowledge regarding firearms tend to fear them. When you couple that lack of knowledge with the smorgasbord of MIS-information that permeates the media, it is no wonder that people fear firearms. Unfortunately, that fear often turns to hate and that is when things get ugly. Law-abiding gun owners are routinely demonized, simply because they own a product/tool that is both completely legal to own and specifically protected under the Bill Of Rights of the Constitution. Those facts are lost on people consumed by fear and hate.

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Gun Snobs: Anti-Gun Allies

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Gun Snobs See ThisThe recent coverage of the Open Carry movement in Texas has brought the “Gun Snobs” out in full force. What is a “Gun Snob”, you ask? A Gun Snob is someone who claims to support the 2nd Amendment, BUT… They typically criticize other gun owners and advocate for a variety of issues from the open carry vs concealed carry debate to “tactics” employed in advocacy. The long-gun open carry movement in Texas is a prime example. Criticism has ranged from, “You’re hurting all gun owners” to, “Can we at least get someone under 400 lbs. to be the poster child for the movement?” One comment on a Facebook thread I was reading likened it to Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, saying that many black Americans criticized her for “Rocking the boat”, saying she wasn’t “Helping their cause”;  of course the rest of that story is now history.