The Socialist Islamic State

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Back in September, Breitbart News published a piece looking at a radical Islamic preacher in London named Mizanur Rahman. He was previously arrested for inciting hate and violence, and has a long history of supporting terrorist groups. He was a friend and mentor of the man who brutally beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street in broad daylight in 2013.

Rahman is also a vocal supporter of the rising Islamic State that has taken hold in Iraq and Syria. The Breitbart piece shared a list that Rahman had posted to Facebook, which gave reasons for why a young Muslim would want to join the Islamic State. The list also reveals the extremely socialist policies being practiced in said state.

1. Members of ISIS don’t pay rent, as their house or residence is provided to them free by the State.

2. Members pay neither water nor electric bills, as all utilities are provided to them free by the State.

3. Members are given a monthly supply of groceries, as all sustenance is provided for free by the State.

4. Members are given a monthly allowance by the State for themselves, their wife (or wives), as well as for each child, to be used for the purchase of the limited number of approved luxuries.

5. Medical care, checkups, and medications are all paid for and provided for free by the State. (Sound familiar yet?)

6. Members of the Islamic State who are Muslim do not pay any taxes. Non-believers are extorted, I mean taxed, in order to produce some of the revenue necessary for the State to provide everything for its members.

7. It is forbidden for anyone to conduct any business during prayer time, and this is strictly enforced by the State, even on non-believers.

The list also includes praise for the multiculturalism that has come together as part of the Islamic State, and trumpets the fact that there is no longer any racism. Muslims of all colors and nationalities have joined together in harmony, provided they are all of the Islamist belief and a part of the State. Otherwise, they hate and wish to kill you.

Not included in the list, but a definite example of the socialism evident in the Islamic State, is the fact that they have instituted strict gun control. Only ISIS fighters, law enforcement, and their families, are permitted to own or carry a firearm. Most regular civilians, and certainly all non-Muslims, are prohibited from possessing weapons of any kind.

Is it any wonder now why President Obama has been dragging his feet in dealing with them? Why would he want to destroy them, when they are instituting all of the policies and practices that he is trying to do, including expanding state dependency, universal healthcare, and gun control.

The Islamic State has grand designs for expanding their Caliphate across the Middle East, into North Africa, India and Southeast Asia, Europe, and eventually even America.

If the Islamic State fulfills their goals, they would subjugate Americans under a strict socialist tyranny based upon Islamist beliefs.

As if we really needed another reason to resist them.

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