Gun Control Myth Shattered

Should America Be Thanking The Isla Vista Murderer?

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What have we learned? Well we have young Elliot to thank for completely shattering the gun control fantasy. Let’s face it, he was in complete compliance with the Holy Grail of gun control that is California. Let us also quit ignoring the fact that this was NOT a shooting spree, Yes he killed people with a gun and just as many with a knife and attacked more with his car as well. Whether it’s a gun, a knife or a steering wheel, IT IS NOT THE OBJECT IN HIS HAND, IT’S HIM!!! Can we FINALLY accept that point? I mean let’s get serious here people, his “manifesto” reads like a how-to manual for killing a large number of people with minimal chance of resistance and he even acknowledging his own death was inevitable by his own hand once a satisfactory body count had been achieved. This case has left the anti-gun crowd with only two choices: A. Full draconian, totalitarian disarmament and confiscation as other “civilized” nations have done (but they support the 2nd Amendment) or B. Throw in the towel. Obviously, the anti-gun agenda has too much power associated with it to just give up, so Gun Control Doesn’t Work, We Need MORE Gun Control.


Most importantly, Elliot Rodger showed the true failures of society when writing in his “manifesto” about a mental wellness check by law enforcement, requested by his mother. He acknowledged that if law enforcement had searched his room and discovered his weapons then he may not have been able to complete his mission. Mental illness is a tricky issue when it comes to protecting people’s individual rights, but it is a mental health issue, NOT a gun issue, and needs to be addressed without this obsessive/compulsive fetish with guns. Even those who make it through all the hoops, hurdles and checks can still snap AFTER their gun purchase or in the case of psychopaths and sociopaths, merely conceal their true pathology. Young Mr. Rodger planned his attack meticulously over a long period of time and sent up one red flag after another, but none of the “gun controls” stopped him, nor did they get him the help he needed. A sexually frustrated, spoiled little rich kid shattered the gun control fantasy in the #1 gun control state, according to the Brady Campaign. Now, imagine what someone with more serious, evil intent, like a terrorist could do. Any honest law enforcement official will tell you that a “lone wolf” killer is practically impossible for law enforcement to stop BEFORE they strike. Your only protection is YOUR ability to protect/defend yourself.

‘Gun violence restraining order’ pushed after Isla Vista rampage
Some California law makers have put forth restraining order style legislation to confiscate and bar future purchases of firearms for people reported or suspected to be a potential threat to themselves or others. Again with the myopic focus on ONE tool used for violence after an incident where at least THREE different weapons where used; gun, knife and car. Again they go after the one object that is specifically, Constitutionally protected and this legislation attempts to take away an object, yet leave the PERSON who is a threat free to find other avenues to destruction. Again, the hoplophobic anti-gun crowd pushing more power into the hands of law enforcement and legislature because the SHEEP can’t be trusted to act in their own best interest. They create another excuse to disarm, period end of sentence. 

Gun control, no matter how “common sense” or “reasonable” it sounds cannot protect society, society/individuals must be willing and ABLE to protect themselves. “Gun Control” fosters a false sense of security that leads sheep to the slaughter. Elliot Rodger pointed out the truth himself, in that the only thing he feared was armed resistance that might minimize his body count.
Memo to gun-control advocates: Even Elliot Rodger believed guns would have deterred him
Fortunately for him, he was in a county that had only issued about 50 concealed carry permits in the entire COUNTY. The odds were all in his favor and he knew it. His path to fame was a fertile killing field made ripe by gun control legislation. The lives he took are irreplaceable and invaluable, it was an extraordinarily expensive lesson to learn AGAIN. However, if we as a nation finally learn that gun control and law enforcement are a false sense of security and again embrace our personal responsibility for our own protection, then we may very well have Elliot Rodger to thank for it. If not, then there will be a never-ending parade of candidates in the future who will again try and teach us. How many innocent lives does it take for America to finally learn that we are our own first responders? To learn that large gatherings of disarmed people are just body counts waiting to happen? Should we thank Elliot Rodger for finally teaching us that lesson and put this era of failed gun control in our past or do we need a few more dead kids in the headlines?

#NotOneMore victim of gun control created killing fields. #NotOneMore twisted person getting their 15 minutes of fame by “shooting fish in a barrel”. #NotOneMore grieving family launching a gun control crusade that will lead to more grieving families. #NotOneMore.


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