Putin Is Laughing At American Dump Trumpers

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Submitted By: Matthew Howe

Anyone with liberal friends and a masochistic streak who has spent time on Facebook has witnessed the daily onslaught of outrage and ignorance concerning the election that never ends. The focus leading up to the electoral college vote was on Russian hacking. The story goes like this: Vladimir Putin directed Russian operatives to hack the US election in order to help Donald Trump win the White House, therefore Trump must not be allowed to become President.

Facebook, once a sunny pasture of cat memes, pictures of food, and spoiler free thoughts on the latest Star Wars movie became a blasted war zone of “calls to action” and shrieking pleas for someone to do something to stop Putin’s orange-haired puppet from moving into the White House. Now that the Electoral College has voted, the attacks are aimed at the Electoral College itself. Attacking the very foundation of our Presidential election process.

How did we get here?

The story of Russian election mischief is not new. The story originally broke back in October. Back then, the worry was that Putin’s agents would directly hack voting machines. The goal, as the intelligence experts explained, wasn’t necessarily to change the outcome of the election, but rather to change enough votes to “undermine confidence in the electoral process”. Remember that, it’ll be on the final exam.

It turned out that not even the Russians could hack voting machines which weren’t connected to the Internet. Then the focus of the story shifted to Wikileaks and the DNC/Podesta emails released in the run up to November 8.  The new spin was that Putin wished to see Donald Trump elected so, he had his agents hack the emails. These emails were then turned over to Wikileaks who released them. The release of these emails then… then… well, then not much of anything. They provided some good stump speech one-liners, but not much else.

The Wikileaks emails are the entire substance of the alleged Russian meddling in the election. Yes, that’s it. The release of actual emails from Democratic sources that put their corruption on display was as far as Russian manipulation of the election went. Nothing new broke in those emails, they only confirmed what America already knew. Clinton was corrupt. The DNC had kneecapped Bernie Sanders. The media was in collusion with the Clinton camp. They confirmed what anti-Hillary voters already knew and were dismissed by Hillary supporters.

Mainstream media gave far more airtime to the Trump tax story, the Billy Bush tape and the endless stream of October Surprise unsupported accusations of sexual harassment against Trump. Just take a look at the polling averages. All through October at the height of Wikileaks activity Clinton was widening her lead over Trump. As late as 7pm on November 8, it was all but assured that the next President would be addressed as “Madam.”

Given the evidence and the timeline, no credible case can be made as to whether what the Russians may, or may not, have done had any influence on the outcome of the election. Trump won in what was as close to a free and fair election as America can muster. The Jill Stein recount only served to bear that out (Detroit had 782 more votes cast than they had registered voters).

But don’t believe me, believe NPR, the bible of leftism. Read to the end of a recent NPR article on the topic of Russian hacking and you’ll find this: “U.S. officials have not contended, however, that Trump would have been defeated by Clinton on Nov. 8 if not for Russia’s assistance. Nor has there been any indication of tampering with the vote-counting.”

In other words, Russia may have tried to meddle, but they failed. Their efforts didn’t actually affect the outcome, according to the same experts who are telling us they were most certainly behind those pesky hacks. Putin wasted his time.

Or did he?

Flashback to October when we were warned that while Putin probably couldn’t change the outcome of the election, but he could possibly do enough damage to create uncertainty about the electoral process itself and the legitimacy of the outcome (there it is again, final exam). This “uncertainty” was identified by the intelligence community as a key goal of the Russians. Of course, President Obama did tell Putin to “Cut it out!” (meaning we can take it from here).

Putin has succeeded wildly at undermining confidence, but not because of anything he did, his agents did or Trump did. He succeeded because of what the media, the Democrats, the White House and the Facebook brain trust did. Starting the morning they woke up and learned that their candidate had lost, with their increasingly shrill calls for the popular vote to overrule the Electoral College vote. Then calls for electors to defect, for the Attorney General to unconstitutionally delay the casting of electoral votes pending a full investigation into the Russian hacking, or even for a do-over of the general election. They began, and still are, destroying confidence in the results of this election. They did Putin’s work for him. It is they, the Dump Trumpers, not Trump or his supporters, who actively aided and abetted a Russian attack on our electoral system.

Think about it.  What were the possible outcomes of this:

  • Trump listens to the lunatics on his Twitter feed and resigns under suspicion of Russian influence? Putin has changed the outcome of the election and Putin wins.
  • Enough Electors defect to send it to the House. The Republican House picks Trump as President and he assumes office with an even bigger cloud of suspicion over his head. Putin wins.
  • Enough electors defect and the House chooses someone else as President. Half the county seethes with fury and refuses to support the Chief Executive. Putin wins.
  • Enough electors defect to Clinton to hand her the White House. Trump supporters riot in the streets. Putin wins.
  • There’s a do-over election and Clinton emerges victorious. Trump supporters riot in the streets.  Putin wins.

What we got in this election was the least harmful version of possible outcomes: Trump wins, but heads toward his  inauguration with a media driven cloud of suspicion over his head. Putin still wins, because at the very least he caused a whole lot of self-inflicted chaos which is now focused on dismantling our Presidential Electoral Process altogether.

Every goal of the DumpTrump movement was/is a win for Putin. Every Facebook post, every hyperventilating newspaper article, every seed of doubt cast about Trump’s legitimacy was/is a win for Russia. Those pushing these efforts and those following along were truly the useful idiots of Putin’s evil plan.

And for what?

Russian meddling was a non story. As far as we know, it did not change the outcome of the election. Trump was not involved with any foreign efforts to influence the election. Yet, by creating such a firestorm over this non story, the DumpTrump movement handed Russia and other hostile foreign actors a potent weapon to use in all future elections. Just hack a candidate, get caught, and watch the chaos unfold.

Free speech is sacrosanct. Those who declared the Trump victory null and void, because the Russians may or may not have leaked some emails which had no effect on the outcome of the election, had every right to speak their mind on the topic. NOW, they need to know what they really did, the consequences of their ignorance/bias and accept responsibility. THEY DID, what the Russians failed to do. THEY undermined the confidence in their our Presidential election process, THEY de-legitimized the results and THEY continue to attack an electoral process that has served this nation for over 200 years.

And Putin is laughing. Laughing so hard his chest hurts.


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