Open Letter To Speaker Boehner

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At present, it appears you are failing the American People. President Obama continues his lawless actions in large part, because you and the Congress refuse to exercise your Constitutional Authority. Your OATH OF OFFICE, “to Support and Defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”, is expected and demanded by the American People. What will it take for you to actually stand up to this lawlessness and represent the American People? If we are a nation of laws then enforce them. If not, you are not worthy of your lawful Constitutional Authority and do not serve the good of the nation. Represent us or resign.

I liken Republican’s to the baseball player who steps to the plate and wants so badly to score, he only swings for the fence, not having the understanding that he has to hit the ball first, and safely make it to first base. A base hit here is necessary for the team (America) and your strikeouts are hurting our efforts to win. In fact, it appears, based upon your actions, most of you are playing for the other team.

The president knowingly and willingly violates our laws and you have done nothing but file a lawsuit. Excuse me; you have also funded his unlawful amnesty for the next three months. While that may seem politically correct to you, it is a joke to the American People and the world. You know as well as the rest of us, your lawsuit will take years to be adjudicated by our court system and by then, either president Obama will be out of office or well on his way to an unlawful third term. As far as amnesty goes, you funding his unlawful actions, in my opinion, is treasonous: very similar to what Senator Diane Feinstein has done with her partisan “Torture report” (a calculated distraction), and what president Obama did when he released the Taliban Five in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl (clearly against current law and a benefit to our enemies). You appear to support his dishonest, deceptive, and unlawful actions without any real opposition and cower in the face of your Constitutional responsibilities. What is it going to take Mr. Speaker for you to do your job and exercise Constitutional Authority to stop the lawlessness we all see?

I think I heard you say once, ”I want to know who is going to jail?” Well Mr. Speaker, has anybody been prosecuted within this administration for unlawful behavior? Roger Clemens was tried for lying to Congress about steroid use and Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex with an intern. Were those allegations more serious than what this president and his appointees have done? Of course they haven’t been prosecuted because a Contemptuous Attorney General retains his position and continues to disregard our nations laws as they relate to this administration. Why have you refused to exercise your Constitutional Authority to Impeach the Attorney General or the unlawful president? Are you scared?

I dare say you and the majority of Republicans are afraid to lose the next election so you sit on your hands and whimper in the corner while Obama wreaks havoc in America. We hear what you say on the national news Mr. Speaker, but talk is cheap, and we are watching and waiting for action. President Obama continues his destructive and lawless behavior, and the American People pay the price.

To borrow a quote from Jesus, “you will know them by their fruits: (Math 7:16)”. Mr. Obama and his corrupted administration bears rotten fruit Mr. Speaker; from arming America’s enemies (Mexican Drug Cartels) in “Fast and Furious”, to include the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, “Benghazi” and the lies that followed, “The IRS targeting conservatives” and the lies that followed, “Obamacare-Fraud perpetrated by Democrats” and the lies that followed, “Solyndra”, “Sequestration”, “GITMO Taliban release”, “ISIS”, “DHS releasing illegal immigrant criminals into the country”, tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors streaming across our border (please tell me how these children travel thousands of miles on their own), “DOJ spying on reporters”, “US Attorney General in Contempt of Congress (over two years ago and still in office)” Ferguson, Missouri and the racial inflammation by Al Sharpton, Holder, and Obama (peaceful protesters chanting kill the cops?), complete disregard for current immigration law, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Syria, Iran, China, and now Cuba (another calculated distraction) just to name a few. The list of unlawful and destructive actions by this administration continues to grow and you do nothing of substance, except cheap tough talk and a weak, do nothing lawsuit. What will it take Mr. Speaker?

In closing, I am sure you know this, but it is worth repeating over and over again. The mid term election of 2014 was an overwhelming success for the Republican’s, not because you are all so good, but because the Democrats are so bad: thankfully, they have now been removed from Congressional power. Keep doing as you are, and the Democrats will once again be back in power in 2016, not because they are so good, but because you cannot be trusted to represent the American people either.

What is the solution Mr. Speaker? Honor your oath: “ I do solemnly swear to Support and Defend the US Constitution from ALL ENEMIES ”, including the president and his corrupted and lawless appointees. Exercise your Constitutional Authority by using our designed, “Checks and Balances” (power of the purse and Impeachment). Consider limiting funds for the IRS, DHS, NSA, DOJ, and remove Holder from office immediately. Or do you continue to give the president all that he desires because you are afraid to lose the next election? Our Constitution matters to the “People”, regardless of your politics, and the people are growing weary of your lack of representation. Both major parties are corrupted and failing miserably.

Start acting like an American Mr. Speaker; Stand up for the US Constitution, Exercise your Constitutional Authority, and return our country to the rule of law and the honorable people in this great nation.

Happy New Year Mr. Speaker.

Signed, _________________________________

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*This is an Open Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Penned by Aaron Armstrong and posted via Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.). It is available to any individual who would like to copy, print or electronically mail it to Speaker Boehner in their name. Any reprints on other websites or outlets to the public must contain this original accreditation.*


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