An Open Appeal To The South Carolina Congressional Delegation From A South Carolina Voter

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An open appeal to the South Carolina congressional delegation:

The historic November vote that brought control of both the house and senate to the Republicans was an attempt by the citizens of South Carolina to bring about a radical change in Washington. We did not send you to DC to compromise with the Democrats, we sent you to oppose every liberal attempt that they make.

We do not expect to see compromise, we expect to see action! We expect to see one of Obama’s quotes thrown back into his face, “Elections have consequences!”

We don’t expect to see you acting like an opossum and rolling over, playing dead at the first sign of stress. We expect you to act like a rabid dog, we want to see terror in the eyes of liberals!

If you meet our expectations, we will send you back the next time you are up for re-election, but always keep in mind that we are watching, and we know how to vote you out of office as well.

God bless, and go kick some liberal butt!

~ Raymond L Emery


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