Really? Have we really become this shallow and superficial?

Moral Equivalence: Propaganda tool of the shallow and weak-minded.

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This is the shallow and superficial world we live in. This is the level of ignorance, moral equivalence and moral relativism we must fight. This is the result of an education system that shuns absolutes like right and wrong or good and evil. A hedonistic society that is consumed with how something makes them feel and void of personal responsibility.

When I look at this picture, I see no equivalence at all. I see the intent of each, rather than the superficial similarities. I see a flag that represents freedom on the left and a flag that represents oppression on the right. I see a religion of peace and tolerance on the left and religion/ideology of tyranny and subjugation on the right. I see a firearm on the left in the hands of a “good guy” and a firearm on the right in the hands of a “bad guy”. This picture represents the duality of mankind, good and evil, as well as the weakness of the mind untrained in deep or critical thinking skills. Evil, is deceitful and often appears to be good, to the untrained eye and weak intellect. Good sometimes appears evil on the surface, or in the short term, but when viewed in depth and over the long term, the goodness is unmistakable.

Too harsh? Not at all, stupidity of this magnitude begs for harsh reality.So, in answer to the juvenile question put forth, “Is this how we want to be seen?” I would have to answer YES and NO. Yes I want to be seen as the freedom loving, faithful and patriotic person on the left. No, I bear no resemblance to the hate-filled, authoritarian terrorist on the right. If YOU see these two as equivalent in any way, then it is YOU who needs to take a good hard look in the mirror.


*NOTE: For the record, the two women in these pictures are:
Holly Fisher, on the left, Military Wife, Mother, Conservative Blogger and Activist.
Reem Raiyshi, on the right, the first female suicide bomber to be used by Islamic militants, HAMAS, who blew herself up at the Erez checkpoint between Israel and the Gaza Strip, killing at least four Israelis.


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