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Moms Demand: Increased Rape with Campus Carry Movement?

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I personally attended the Senate hearings in Austin, and was one of those “men with no stakeholdings at a college or university” who testified in favor of allowing students to carry on campus.  Let me say this about that; I may not have a “stake” in any college or university, but I do have a stake in the lives of our youth (I have four children of my own), so I think that gives me stake in our country’s future.  Shannon, are you suggesting that we try to “control and regulate” law abiding citizens (yes, contrary to your belief 18 year olds can be responsible, law abiding adults that fall into that category)?  The statement; 

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campuses are rife with alcohol, drugs, and depression: a dangerous recipe that may be made deadly by adding guns to the mix.” is exactly that type of hyperbole I’m talking about.  Life is rife with alcohol, drugs and depression.  Are you saying that an adult who can be “drafted” into the service of this country to fight (with guns) to preserve our way of life, is “not” capable of making prudent and judicious decisions, because there are drugs and alcohol around?  I think your perspective is skewed.  What exactly did you do during your time in college?  Even the Washington Post got in on the action with this “darling” of a headline; You think your drunk college-age daughters are bad with their iPhones? Imagine them with guns.” You just can’t make this stuff up people.

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If I hear the “gun control” crowd suggest that a girl should “pee on herself” to hopefully “turn” a rapist off one more time, I might just shoot myself and end the pain (insert sarcastic eye roll here).“Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone,” this is an actual suggestion from college “educators”.  I see your point Shannon, colleges are rife with alcohol, drugs and depression, but I don’t think it’s the students. How could anyone suggest that “urinating” on yourself could possibly “turn off” a rapist?  It doesn’t take a “Rocket Surgeon” to know that “rape” has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with “control”.  So how does a 90 pound female take control out of the hands of a 220 pound man, you ask? Insert wise adage here: “God made all men and women equal, Smith and Wesson ensures it stays that way!”  Women have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary and that includes the use of a weapon.  Should a firearm be the “ultimate” go to weapon?  Absolutely not. Situational awareness and conflict avoidance should be judisciously practiced, but a firearm should be available to all law-abiding Americans, no matter where they find themselves.

So let’s move right along onto Shannon’s next “sound bite”;  “In fact, between 80 to 90 % of sexual assaults at colleges involve acquaintances, not strangers.”  I don’t have a clue as to whether those stats are correct or not, but let’s assume for a moment (I know what “assume” does), they are spot on.  Why would a female student having a firearm not be the “perfect” rape deterrent in this scenario?  Come on people, think about it, if some jack-off knew there was a possiblility that some “chick” he just met, does or even “might” have a handgun to protect herself, he’s going to think twice about offending, taking advantage or “forcing” her to do anything against her will. Wait for it; “An armed society is a polite… society”  Truthfully, the only threat now will come in the form of those who are true “evil doers”. Yes, beyond popular “gun grabber” philosophy, people are inherently evil and have to work hard at not being selfish.  So if you your daughter could thwart a potential “date rape” scenario with just the “thought” of her owning a gun, and that same female now has the ability to stop the true “evil doers” in this world as well, where in lies the problem?

The problem lies in the fact that “gun restrictions” are NOT about lessening the impact of violence upon the innocent, but more about attempting to create a “Utopian” society that does not, nor will ever exist.  Evil lurks just below the surface of man. It always has and it always will. There is nothing that you, I or Shannon Watts can do about that, it’s simply a fact. Life is inherently dangerous.  From boo-boos at two to broken hearts at 15, life can be complicated and scary, but that does not mean we have to succumb to every fear. We may not want to walk in the shadows all the time, but when the sun is shining and you’re “feelin” a little warm, you should be able to walk where ever you damn well please with a modicum of confidence.  

In closing I just want to direct one (well maybe not just one) more question at Shannon Watts:  “Why do you think the Constitution was written?  Or more to the point; Why was the 2nd Amendment created?  I’m going to put my answer here, I would love to hear your views on it as well.  

imagesIf we are to understand what our Framers intended for the future of our country, one must dig into our history, understand what was transpiring during the years prior to our Independence and view “through unemotional eyes” the true reasons they incorporated those prolific words into that document.  Jefferson was quoted as saying:  “On every question of construction let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning can be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one which was passed.”  This alone should be all that is necessary for any “man or woman” (or 5th grader) to understand why it is so important for We the People to always retain the “right to keep and bear arms”.  The truest interpretation of Founding Father intent is that:  “We the People of the greatest Nation in the world are not, nor will we ever be slaves.”  Liberty and freedom are great responsibilities that every man, woman and child must embrace with a fervent and unwavering vigilance.  We are not only protecting our Nation, but our way of life from those who seek to destroy it. We the People were guaranteed by our creator, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all those who are willing to embrace and defend it (that’s right, it’s not just free, you have to work for it), and the Framers did not preface any of that with; “only after you graduate college” do you have those obligations or responsibilities.  

The Constitution was written to protect the individualism of its citizens, allowing Shannon Watts to defend her beliefs, just as I defend mine without fear of repercussion from our government. It was written to ensure that We the People have the ability to control the leaders of this country (although we’ve fallen short of that) and it promises its citizens to always respect the need to defend it from ANYONE who attempts to destroy it. The Constitution is America’s defining moment, and it’s legacy lies in the hands of its citizens. We cannot regulate responsibility, but rather encourage our fellow citizens to embrace the challenge of protecting their own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and stop attempting to infringe on the liberties and freedoms of their fellow man.

Responsibile people will be responsible. Irresponsible people will be irresponsible. Life is inherently dangerous, no matter what you would like it to be, and besides: What adult wants to live in a completely “safe” environment?  Safe and protected enviroments are for children, made so by the efforts of adults. Maybe we should focus on creating a more responsible society, instead of a government dependent one?


patrickjamesPatrick James is the creator and founder of Cold Dead Hands and CDH, Inc. He is an author, gun enthusiast and avid outdoorsman.”I’d rather enjoy my life, skidding sideways into the grave, worn out and beat-up screaming; ‘Wow that was a “helluva” ride…’ than arrive in one pretty piece. Passion in all things is the key to a successful life.” ~ Patrick James

Having worked as a firefighter/EMT for several services throughout the years, he has also worked as a custom metal fabricator, certified personal trainer and chef. Growing up in the rural suburbs of Detroit, it was during his frequent trips to Northern Michigan where he learned of his love for hunting and fishing. Spending several of his adult years in upstate South Carolina, his love of extreme sports took root in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains as he learned to rock climb and kayak.

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and vanish into air.” ~ John Quincy Adams

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