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The March Towards Constitutional Carry Continues… In Maine?

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“Sen. Eric Brakey, an Auburn Republican serving his first term in the Legislature, is bullish about rolling back restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in Maine, despite several similar efforts that failed in recent years. His bill, LD 652, would make Maine the fifth state to establish “constitutional carry” – a universal right of all legal firearm owners to carry concealed handguns on their person or in their vehicles. The bill has a whopping 96 co-sponsors, more than half the state Legislature, including leaders from both parties. “We have a lot of support,” Brakey, the bill’s sponsor, said Friday. “A majority in the House has signed on as co-sponsors and a near-majority in the Senate. We have a very strong coalition.”” via

Even with the support and co-sponsorship of over half of the legislature there is still opposition, after all this is the Northeast. While Maine is one of the 44 states that already allows open carry and one of the 31 that allow open carry without a permit, yet they still require a permit to concealed carry. Sen. Brakey says that “out of state groups” are lobbying heavily against the bill and much of the opposition comes from “misconceptions” as to exactly what the change would entail. Former Rep. Aaron Libby, R-Waterboro, unsuccessfully tried – twice – to pass a similar bill. The first effort, in 2013, fell just one vote short of passage. The next year, Libby tried to tack the proposal on to a bill to reform Maine’s concealed handgun permitting system but was rebuked by majority Democrats in the House. Public hearing were held on April 8th and several members of Gun Owners of Maine, an organization with 5,000 members across the state, testified along with other citizens and law enforcement representatives. Here is what the bill author, Sen. Brakey had to say.

“Several states are already “Constitutional Carry” states, including Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming. Many more states are currently considering becoming Constitutional Carry states, including our neighbor New Hampshire, which has already passed this legislation through their state senate.
At its heart, this bill is a very modest proposal:
– It does NOT change WHO may carry a firearm.
– It does NOT change WHAT kinds of firearms may be carried.
– It does NOT change WHERE firearms may be carried.
The only change this legislation proposes is HOW a handgun (and only a handgun) may be carried. We are simply allowing a legal gun owner to carry – while wearing a jacket – without a permit.”

Will Maine be the next to restore some more of its citizens constitutional rights? Will Maine join Vermont and possibly New Hampshire as an anchor in New England for a shift in societal mindset towards firearms and freedom in America? Time will tell and with the help and involvement of the citizens of Maine, the march towards the restoration of Liberty in America continues.


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