Lethal Lace

Lethal Lace

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Sure, purses with secret pockets have been around since day 1, and special undergarments can be ordered all over at gun shows and the internet, but with Lethal Lace, the wearer has numerous choices for concealed carry with one purchase. Check out the video to see what the wearer was able to hide under a tank top and yoga pants.

They had the video on a loop in their booth at #shotshow2015. It is impressive. The material is very strong and appeared to be made well by people who really care about their product and their reputation. At a women specific presentation, several attendees were allowed to try the product on and many were able to wear it correctly with little to no instruction . I can only hope one without the frilly edges is in the works. I am sure there is more to come since  female gun ownership doubled from 2005-2015.


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