Keeping Texas Red

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It should be no surprise to any American that the Federal Government has become as powerful as it is. Working as many campaigns as I have and living and breathing politics for the last 5 years, everywhere from Liberal Illinois to Hard Red Texas, I haven’t found a single person — hard left, hard right or anywhere in between — that can defend our Federal, State, or Local Government with the exception of the Government itself. As a matter of fact, in the last National Poll I saw of the most unpopular and most hated things by Americans, US Congress was ranked 3 from the top, scoring lower than AIDS and STDs. What’s even more baffling than this approval rating is how quickly we are to tar and feather our Representative Government, and complain how inefficient they are at everything; Building roads, managing schools, a budget, healthcare, retirement, and something as simple as enforcement of the laws on the books.

They are responsible for all of these failures and yet 80% of incumbents have ran successful campaigns to keep their seats in office. With all these failures and ineffective policies and regulations that have surpassed far beyond our founding Documents, WE The People, continue to re-elect the same Politicians. Not money, not magic, not policy, but votes are what elects our Politicians. So it seems that Americans are the ones to blame for the situation we are in. We have fallen asleep thinking our Constitutional Republic can fend for itself. How many of us preaching for smaller Government and lower taxes have ever stopped to help a campaign for a better Candidate to replace the current incumbent? How many of us actually know there is a Primary Vote coming up to decide the two candidates who will be on the ballot?

Ignorance is no excuse. We are the world we have created by not being involved in our own civic duties. So I challenge everyone reading this to get out, find the candidates running for office in your area and state-wide, research, know about them, and stand up and help them. Get off the sofa or clean the house during the week and stop making excuses as to why we can’t fix our current system.

Here in Texas the March 4th primary election is on its way and there are over 50 races for State Government and more than plenty of opportunities to get involved. Who’s involved? Finding races around your district is as easy as looking at your voter registration card for the House and Congressional district you live in. Tarrant County has two Texas House Races that are a must win if we are to turn the State’s 84th legislature around and put forward well written legislation. There are many groups out there that can help voters to break apart votes as well. Empower Texans and Young Conservatives of Texas rate last three Session’s Legislature by name and rate them based on core votes (HB2, HB972, HB5 and the last budget which was a 26% increase in spending).

For instance, in Tarrant County we have Diane Patrick who won the 2006 Republican Primary and hasn’t been voted out yet. She hasn’t met a spending increase, subsidy or tax increase she hasn’t voted for, yet she still runs on the Republican Ticket. Her name and voting record can be found on the above mentioned “watch-dog sites”. Well guys and gals, this election she is being challenged by Conservative Republican Tony Tinderholt who is probably one of the greatest Americans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Tony spent 10 years in the Air Force and 11 years in the Army where he was medically retired as a Major after being Wounded in Combat in Iraq. He’s a true American Patriot and will fight for our freedoms and our state every step of the way.

We owe it to our children to correct the errors we have made by sitting idle and ignoring the bad legislation coming out of Austin. Get in contact with these local elections that are in or close to your State House Districts and help take back the local and state governments so we can have the power to fight the Federal Government and keep it out of our lives. Remember, this is not only your Right, but your Duty to throw off such governments and provide new guards for our future and security. ~Blake Allan

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