How To Keep Cold Dead Hands In Your Facebook Newsfeed

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Facebook has repeatedly made changes to how news stories appear on your feed.

We at Cold Dead Hands feel it might be helpful if we provided you with a tutorial on how to ensure you keep seeing our latest posts and breaking news stories.

You need to do these steps from a laptop or desktop computer, but once done these settings should transfer to you mobile devices as well.

Step 1: Like Our Page

First, if you haven’t already, visit our page on Facebook here and then click on the “Like” button:


Step 2 & 3: Open “Following” Menu and Select “See First”

Next, hover your mouse over the downward-facing arrow to the right of “Following”and select the “See First” option on the menu:


DONE! Follow these steps and you can ensure our posts continue to show up in your Facebook Newsfeed.

This is VERY important, because Facebook is adjusting your feeds to make them “better.” In fact, the tech blog Gizmodo revealed last May that Facebook fiddles with its algorithm formulas to suppress conservative news.

Facebook also announced immediately after Donald Trump won the presidential election that it will weed out “fake news” aka issues popular with conservatives, making sites like Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Conservative Tribune, America’s Freedom Fighters and others vulnerable to censorship. So, the only “fake news” that you will get is the Mainstream Fake News.

The social network denies any political bias, but we take allegations of bias seriously and will work to help you get the truth you seek.

There are a lot of layers of filtration that occur before you see anything on Facebook. There’s the filtering that you yourself do by picking friends, clicking links, posting stuff. Then there’s the main Facebook algorithm that puts things in your feed. That’s based in large part on what you tell the system you like.

Clicking “See First” adds priority to a page, according to Facebook.

As educators and advocates, we hope you choose to prioritize us.

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