Is Open Carry the antidote to Anti-Gun propaganda?

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During the discussion, it occurred to me WHY we are losing the battle to the anti-gun movement. People, in general, rarely every see a gun other than on a police officer, on TV, in movies or in video games. In states without open carry, whether they have concealed carry or no carry at all, there is no daily, normal visibility of guns unless you are a gun enthusiast yourself. So, if the general public rarely sees firearms, is it really such a stretch for them to believe that banning guns completely would be any different than things are right now (for them)? Perception IS reality for most people and for the most part their perception “sees” only cops and bad guys with guns. Now, with that mindset and perception, it is not hard to convince someone that if guns were harder to get or outright banned, then the world would be a much better place. No more accidental shootings, kids shooting up schools, drive-bys, etc… While that may be a completely foreign thought to us, put yourself in the position of someone who has gone from cradle to one foot in the grave without ever seeing or handling a gun! From their PERSPECTIVE our argument is invalid! There is only one way to change that perception and ease the fear within the general public at the very sight of a gun. They need to see a lot MORE guns, a lot MORE often. If you live in an Open Carry state, then DO IT, every chance you get. Become an Ambassador for the PRO-gun culture and show your fellow citizens that law-abiding citizens are nothing to fear and neither is the gun strapped to their hip. Help the naïve sheeple to become more comfortable in your presence. If you DON’T have Open Carry in your state, PUSH FOR IT! Until MORE people SEE lawful armed citizens, going about their daily lives right along side them, they will never understand that more than just “cops and robbers” have guns. In some cases the mere fact that you are carrying openly will spark a conversation that can be a teaching moment. Educating average Americans on the origins and importance of the American Gun Culture is essential. If my recent blog “What is the American Gun Culture?” can help, feel free to use it or do your own research and self-educate before taking on the American Sheeple. Right now we are losing this battle because we are concealing the very thing we are trying to protect and promote. It’s time we strap on the nice holster we save for special occasions, slide in your favorite Carry piece and go shopping, go for a walk, just get out and go somewhere and be seen. If you can’t in your state, contact your State House and Senate and ask them why the hell not! It is time to show this nation a new perspective, a new reality and quit being closet gun owners. If you got it flaunt it.

4/5/2014 From Texas Firearms Freedom


A year ago, the House had a public hearing and invited the entire state of Texas to testify on Open Carry. Word got out too late, and fewer than a dozen actually showed up to testify. That’s shameful. We thought we wouldn’t have another chance until 2015. Well, we DO have another chance now, and it’s at a Senate hearing this Monday morning (4/7/14). The Texas Senate committee is inviting the citizens of Texas to testify on the 2nd amendment. How many of you are going to show up this time?


1.) Read the “HEARING INFORMATION” section below.

2.) Read the official hearing announcement:

3.) Leave a comment to let us know you’re coming. Ask any question you’d like so that you feel prepared and comfortable. Let us know what you need.

4.) SHOW UP Monday morning by 8:30. You can park in the Capitol Visitors’ parking garage. Take the elevator down to “E1”. Find Room E1.016.

5.) Register and testify – you have 3 minutes to speak your mind. Stick it out, even if you have to wait hours before your turn; don’t be tempted to leave early. Bring food, water, and phone chargers.

If you absolutely can’t come:

1.) Get at least 3 others to come in your place.

2.) Donate so other activists can come from out of town and testify:

HEARING INFORMATION: The Texas Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security is holding an interim meeting THIS COMING MONDAY to look at open carry legislation recommendations. (They can’t pass bills in the interim, but they keep meeting and discussing things.) The official stated purpose, in addition to a few other topics, is to “study and make recommendations on removing barriers to Second Amendment Rights, including but not limited to open carry legislation. Consider other state laws related to open carry.” We need as many as we can get to attend this and plan to testify. It’s easy, and YOU can do it. This is YOUR chance to make YOUR voice heard and go on record as supporting open carry and other pro-gun legislation. Get there early (spend Sunday night in Austin if you need to) dress nicely, say what you think in 3 minutes or less. Be professional and respectful, and know your facts. It’s critical to get a LARGE number of people there. If you don’t want to talk you can even just mark your name down on a list, and that list is one of the few you can sign in politics that actually, directly matters.

**** For help during the hearing, text TFF at 512-937-3006 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 512-937-3006 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting .

Join the Event Page to connect with others who are going to testify!


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