Hero or Zero? Police take down armed man with car!

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It has been reported that the suspect has now been booked into jail after being treated at a local hospital.  CNN reports: “Valencia faces 15 charges, including three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited possessor.”

As expected the statement from Valencia’s attorney, Michelle Cohen-Metzger complains of excessive use of force: ‘Everything in the video seems to point towards an obvious excessive use of force. It is miraculous that my client isn’t dead,” 

Watch the recently released “dash cam” video below and judge for yourself.  Did this Marana Police Officer “save the day” or did he use “excessive force” to neutralize a threat?  Be advised the video below is graphic in nature and may be offensive to some, but it does depict the>scene as it unfolded.  


**Marana Police Dept. Dash Cam video** 


My personal opinion is that if you break the law and do not obey the commands of Law Enforcement (especially if it involves a loaded firearm), you probably deserve whatever you get.  Is running a suspect down with a 3,000 pound vehicle an appropriate “take down” method?  I don’t know about “appropriate”, but I am most certain it was very effective to say the least. This recently released video depicts the events that transpired in February this past year, and it certainly begs the question; “What is considered excessive force, when the lives of innocent people are at stake?”



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