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Power, control, and complete submission to the dominance of a dictatorship is the driving force behind the “gun” issue. Power and control are the operative words and coexist with the blind acquiescence and support of the many reality blind, liberal fools. The fools who “believe” they are supporting right vs. wrong with their “turn the other cheek” kumbaya drivel. They don’t have enough common sense to realize the reality, benefit, and safety of “walk softly and carry a big stick”. Like the man said, “If not for guns, the United States would still be a British colony.”

Gun ownership and general awareness of that possession does virtually nothing to endanger the general public and certainly enhances public safety. The examples are many. Pukes with guns shoot up 1st grade schoolrooms, school lunch rooms, places where they can rely on finding unarmed, innocent people. Then when “armed” police show up, they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to face them. They take the cowards way out and shoot themselves.

I am sorry to say, I live on the “left coast” in liberal country, Oregon. Right between liberal Washington State and liberal California. I own guns, more than one or two. I carried one on the job for 43 years. My gun nor I have ever shot anybody. I am an NRA member and I proudly wear my American flag decorated NRA cap whenever I go out in public. Whenever anybody in this “liberal sea” says anything negative about my cap, I tell them that “I wear it for the people who don’t like it.” So far nobody has tried to remove it from my head.

Thank you,
Donald L. Conner
Police Officer, Retired

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