If Gun Control Doesn’t Work, We Need MORE Gun Control

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These killings happened in California. The Brady Campaign ranked California as the #1 state with the strongest gun laws. Because California’s laws are so much more restrictive than Federal law and perhaps the most restrictive in the country, potential changes to Federal law in early 2013 are irrelevant there. Still, they like to keep blaming the NRA and its influence for stopping those laws.  Had Manchin-Toomey and every other proposed gun control bill passed Congress in 2013, it would have made no difference whatsoever to the laws that controlled what this killer could own.  

California’s state legislature has enacted the strictest laws they can.  Sure, their gun control campaign is occasionally interrupted by noble gun control advocates like Leland Yee being indicted for selling rocket launchers and other weapons to gangs and criminals, but they’ve still succeeded to make California one of the least free states in the union when it comes to gun ownership.

California’s laws are what our Federal laws would look like if the gun control advocates like Feinstein and Obama had gotten every last thing on their wish list.  California already requires a background check on every sale of a firearm, going beyond the Federal requirements. California has a 10 round per magazine limit.  They have an “assault weapons” ban. California, especially in the County in question, essentially does not grant any civilian a concealed carry permit, no matter how much training or experience they can demonstrate.  It is illegal to open carry, and it is illegal to carry concealed. But, lo and behold, an evil person can still find a way to kill people, whether with a gun or with other implements like the knife that was used for half of these killings.

Still, it’s clear from all the anti-gun propaganda we’ve seen from the last few days.  No matter how much gun control there was in this case, the only solution they can see is MORE gun control.  It is never enough. And, because there will always be evil people committing evil actions, it never will be enough.  And blame us. Don’t worry, we may not save any lives.  But we’ll make it up in volume.

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