Gun Control = Child Abuse

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Most estimates put the number of firearms in circulation, in the hands of private citizens, at well over 300 MILLION and growing. That is at least one firearm per man, woman and child in this country. With those numbers I would say that the odds are very good that most, if not all, children will come into contact with a firearm at some point in their life. That contact may be coming across a firearm at a friend’s house, tossed in the street or alley by a criminal. They may also come into contact with a firearm as the person on the wrong end of the gun through criminal activity or in the hand of an untrained friend who stumbled across one. The possibilities are endless.

In the words of a popular social media meme, “One does not simply remove 300 Million guns from the hands of Americans!” Therefore, the anti-gun advocates pursue their efforts through incremental regulation, increased restriction, etc without ever actually reducing the number of legal or illegal guns on the street. Their Utopian Naivete piling fluff upon imagination FEELS as if they are accomplishing something positive, when the false sense of security they peddle couldn’t be more negative and dangerous. We now have generations of kids at various stages of life that have been denied the most basic instruction on how to safely deal with firearms that are as numerous in our society as the people themselves. Imagine living in a war-torn country with as many land mines as people, would you NOT teach your kids what to look for, how to avoid them or what to do if a friend steps on a land mine? Of course you would teach them, that’s what parents do to protect their kids from KNOWN dangers. There are those who claim that smoking cigarettes around your kids is child abuse because it is a known hazard to which parents should know better than to expose their kids.

Since we don’t have land mines to deal with, why is it we approach the other two examples so differently? Guns and cigarettes are both legal products sold to adults only. Kids get access to both on a regular basis. Cigarettes can kill you in 20, 30, 40 years or so and there is education all over the place about the harmful effects, 2nd hand smoke, 3rd hand smoke and on and on. Guns on the other hand, which can kill instantly, are ignored for the most part, except to say they are evil. Then kids see movies and play video games and sooner or later come across a real gun with only those images to guide them. TEACH YOUR KIDS! Don’t abuse them with false senses of security, Hollywood’s glamorization of guns and/or video games where you respawn when you die. Teach them facts, teach them safety, teach them the truth about guns. It just may save their life, or the life of one of their friends. Only Firearms Safety Training can prevent this type of Child Abuse!


Jon Britton aka DoubleTap is Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc., a regular contributing author and regularly involved in most aspects of their social media. “Writing was never a goal or even vaguely contemplated as a career choice, it just happened, an accidental discovery of a talent and a passion.” A passion that has taken him in many directions from explorations of the zombie subculture and zombie stories to political advocacy. Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Jon had the opportunity to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures. His post military career path, both white collar and blue collar, allowed him to work alongside both CEOs and average Joes. As a founding member Cold Dead Hands his study of human nature and writing ability found a purpose. His zombie roots provided a variety of issues from prepping to human behavior under crisis to firearms that he applies to his advocacy for gun rights. A ravenous appetite for the study of history combined with his current events political junkie addiction led to him writing an e-book Gun Sense: Past, Present and Future.

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