Gun Control Advocates Have Their Captain Queeg Moment

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Logic and facts have never been their strong suit. But this time they reached a new apex disconnect between their polemical arguments and the actual circumstances. Again, at least half the murders occurred with knife.  Surely that would demonstrate  the tool does not matter, it is the evil of the person holding it.  But almost every commentary, headline, and ranting editorial seemed to completely ignore this, as if guns were the only weapon of destruction, and if the killer couldn’t have murdered as many people even if guns were magically eliminated from the earth.

It also featured the bellowing and vague call for a change in the laws to stop this. Everything from Lupica’s psychotic ramblings I referred to yesterday, to this non-sensical, “I’m a gun owner but…” editorial on CNN. CNN Idiocy, All saying we need to do something about guns through laws in this country. 


These killings occurred, 1. After a background check, 2. In a state with a 10 round magazine limit, 3. In a state with an Assault Weapons Ban, 4. In a state, and especially a community, which essentially does not issue CCW licenses, and 5. In a place where it was illegal to carry a gun in any fashion.  It met every one of Obama’s current talking points for solutions to gun control.  So in this situation it had every sort of restrictive law in place that we’ve been told by gun control advocates are “common sense” solutions that even gun owners support! Of course, they didn’t work.

But it left the gun control groups floundering in emotional nonsense, even more than usual, as they talked about “gun culture” and “too many” guns that are “too easy” to get, while they exploited another tragedy which directly refuted every objective point they have tried to promote.

Yes, these poor gun control groups are trying to make sure everybody gets their strawberries, but we nasty old gun owners fight them at every turn.

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