Friends and Carrying

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This past December I took my concealed carry permit class, and submitted my application. During the process I put a lot of thought into what weapon I’d carry, holsters, ammunition, and making sure I’d be properly trained to defend myself and those around me if the situation warranted. Something I didn’t think of or prepare for were my “friends” who don’t carry but find it funny to call attention to others who are carrying just to illicit a reaction.

We were up early for a local car show and met some friends and acquaintances. We were standing around in a small group talking when my “friend” jokingly started pawing at his good friend’s appendix carry firearm. I didn’t know anyone was carrying besides myself until this happened, which is the point of concealed carry! The gentleman who had just been “outed” kept composure, and dismissed his friend by saying: “You just don’t do that man.” After seeing the ignorant, playful nature my “friend” began grasping for a concealed loaded firearm on someone’s person made me angry. As we were leaving the car show I took a moment to explain why what he did was uncalled for, unsafe, and stupid. I don’t think the gravity of the situation was realized, because he merely laughed and said “I’d never do it to you because I don’t know you like that.” Sir, I hope you don’t do that to anyone again, under any circumstance.

This goes to show that even a person who claims to be an “experienced” shooter might have convinced themselves that they are more aware than they actually are. An experienced shooter would be able and willing to show respect for the tools and the people carrying them, even if they choose not to carry themselves. After I scolded him for his behavior he asked me some questions about carrying. He asked me if I find myself escalating situations more frequently and if I get more upset and want to draw my firearm. The question in itself really lent me a clear view as to how inexperienced and naive he truly is. Myself along with the majority of other people who carry hope to never find themselves in a situation where they have to draw their firearm in order to protect their lives or the lives of those dear to them. Thankfully, few of us ever will. I carry to have peace of mind.  I carry to protect myself. I carry because it is my right, and I choose to exercise that right. You better be sure, that when/if the time comes for me to draw my firearm it will be a decision that I am willing to stand by because I know that my actions were justified and legal.

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