Facebook Fires New “Shot Heard Round The World”

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Facebook, long criticized for targeting “conservative” pages with harassment, fired the new “shot heard ’round the world” when it deleted the Cold Dead Hands fan page in the middle of the 4th of July weekend. Despite the recent Conservative Summit with Mark Zuckerberg, smaller and less “mainstream” conservative voices continue to be silenced by Facebook.

Notice of page deletion by Facebook. Source: Patrick James CEO of CDH, Inc.

Notice of page deletion by Facebook.
Source: Patrick James CEO of CDH, Inc.

Press Realease: July 3rd, 2016

Facebook Kills Large Patriotic Fan Page On 4th Of July Weekend

At approximately 1:00pm, Sunday July 3rd, Facebook deleted the fan page known as Cold Dead Hands. No justification was given other than the page “violating Terms of Use” and no other specifics. (See Warning Notice Above)

The Cold Dead Hands Facebook fan page was created in Feb. 2012, by a laid-off Detroit auto worker, aspiring writer and patriot, Patrick James. It was built as a pro-gun rights, liberty-minded, constitutionalist Facebook page and grew quickly on a “Founding Father Doctrine” message. In 2013, Cold Dead Hands page owner, Patrick James, turned the page into a business with the founding of CDH, Inc. Starting with 100 Second Amendment themed t-shirts, donated by 777Shirts owner Al Glenn, Mr. James opened an online store. That store became the foundation for a new model of advocacy. A for-profit advocacy group which self-funded its advocacy efforts through profits from online sales, beginning with simple t-shirts. The idea of a for-profit corporate advocacy had never been done before and foregoing the usual non-profit or lobbyist approach allows Cold Dead Hands to bypass the government regulations attached to such ventures. An advocacy of the people, average citizens speaking up for themselves; by the people, funded by American capitalism; for the people, promoting the founding principles of self-regulation this nation was built upon.

Over time, CDH, Inc. expanded its online store to include products from other patriotic, liberty-minded small businesses. Many of whom made Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.) their sole distributor. CDH, Inc. had projected sales of $750,000 in 2016, driven largely by Facebook and paid Facebook advertising. The shut down of the page not only effects the page itself, but multiple small businesses, besides CDH, Inc., who relied on the Cold Dead Hands reach and marketing as a large portion of their own business sales.

In 2016, the Cold Dead Hands facebook page broke one million “Likes”, 1.21 million at the time it was deleted, and had become a respected source for information and education regarding many Constitutional, News/Media and gun related issues. Cold Dead Hands’ history with Facebook had been up and down, especially over the last two years. Several posts were targeted and removed by Facebook without any substantial evidence of violation of terms or community standards. The reach of the page had been repeatedly throttled back by Facebook algorithms, supposedly, but the page continued to adapt and grow.

Cold Dead Hands Founder and CEO of CDH, Inc. Patrick James is working through the proper Facebook channels to appeal the decision. However, he is also consulting with other targeted and deleted page owners regarding a possible class action suit against the media giant. He has also created a new Cold Dead Hands Facebook page to begin rebuilding from the ground up in the event that Facebook does not restore the original.

With one mouse-click, somewhere inside the Facebook Goliath, potentially irreparable damage has been done to both silence patriotic voices and harm patriotic American small businesses across the country. Happy Fourth of July!

Jon Britton – Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc.

https://cdh2a.com – email: info@colddeadhands.us

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