Enemies of the Republic

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   Those are things we ALL should be able to agree on, and I believe that I can say on behalf of everyone who does agree with those few points. we can also agree that anyone who disagrees with us has a corrupt nature.

  Where our disagreements begin, is when other issues are introduced as we define and debate our individual beliefs on the issues. and what other political parties, and or politicians, have the best solutions and represent our beliefs the best. However, I will state the fact that whatever party or politician that can offer the best chance, they won’t be wearing a (D) on the end of their name.

 If it helps, imagine if obamao had a summit with Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, and Rick Perry to discuss solutions to the problems facing America. Who can you say absolutely does not belong at the table, and who can you say that you can stomach listening to for the better good of the Republic?


  Now maybe you think its too late, and the only way to fix things is to break them further. That the sooner we start a “revolution” and start shooting our neighbors and family members and fellow citizens in the streets, the sooner we can wipe out the corruption. Just step away from the table and go sit with the (D)’s until you can act like an adult and not a poo flinging retard.

  The problem is what you call a revolution, our Founding Fathers called insurrection. They gave us the Constitution to defend our Rights and control our Government with, not just so you have something to give lip service respect for while pushing an agenda that will remove it from power and instill mob rule.
“We fear that [violations of the Constitution] may produce insurrection. Nothing could be so fatal. Anything like force [used against the violators] would check the progress of the public opinion and rally them round the government. This is not the kind of opposition the American people will permit. But keep away all show of force and they will bear down the evil propensities of the government by the constitutional means of election and petition.” –Thomas Jefferson

  We created our government, and we have allowed it to creep left through generations of neglect and complacent ignorance. As much as you may like to buy the fantasy that we are not in control, and our votes mean nothing because really our government is run by corporations, or rothchilds, or bilderbergers, UN agenda 21, or whatever boogie man has you running scared from the fight. I bet if you felt a burn from that comment, you probably believe the lie that our Constitution is not the supreme law of the land too and would love to tell me all about how we have been sold out already. News flash, I have heard it before, and I’m not buying what someone else sold you, because I absolutely know that your source is not based on anyone like Madison or Jefferson.

  Perhaps one of our last free elections is coming up this november, and I am concerned that we won’t see any positive change from it. Maybe the reasons I am concerned are different from yours. Especially if you are buying a lot of the propaganda spinning around out there designed to make you sell out the Republic.
  If I were to tell you that things will get better if we can hang onto the house, and flush the rats out of senate and put a strong constitutional conservative into office, and your response is basically, “the GOP are no better,” then how can I not be concerned that we won’t be stuck with Hillary Clinton in office after losing the House of Representatives all by 2016?

  I can’t buy that the GOP are as bad as democrats, even if it there is a grain of truth lost somewhere in the BS spin of the claims. The only reason that the marxist machine did not get thrown into overdrive and run away from us is because of what the MSM and left have identified as “one half of one third” of the government that is “impeding progress.” Which is why obamao has shelved amnesty until after the upcoming elections, along with whatever else he can ram down on us and deflect the blame at the GOP over.

  Yes, I am all too aware of corrupt members of GOP, and some of them are regarded as saints by their die hard followers because they know all the cute sound bites to pander with when the film is rolling. Thing is, I have also seen that problem with the Libertarian party and any other third party that competes against the GOP during the General election, and remains silent during the entire rest of the election cycle. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would cry false flag and shenanigans but lets just say it is all conveniently coincidental instead, that such 11th hour competitions seem to only favor the left.

  The top concern of conservative voters keeps changing with the trend, and I can’t tell whether it is influenced by the news, or the other way around. From NSA eavesdropping, IRS corruption, Benghazi, our foreign policies, and military state of affairs between the VA and retarded ROE’s getting our soldiers killed, police militarization, amnesty, immigration, border security, gun control, gay marriage, drug legalization, obamacare etc etc etc.


  Half of these issues we bounce between eating our own over when we don’t totally agree with each other, or we are so emotionally compromised that we could not coherently even explain why we are upset over these issues and what is the Right answer. And I say “we” because we are all guilty of the squabbling to an extent including and especially myself any time someone tries to tell me that their “right” to abortion/pot/gay marriage is as important and equal to my Right to Bear Arms because of a corrupted and misconstrued idea of what “The Pursuit of Happiness” means.
“Without virtue, happiness cannot be.” –Thomas Jefferson

  The Left do not believe we have a Republic, and dance back and forth over whether we are a democracy, or as obamao would prefer, a dictatorship. Meantime, it seems a lot of us on the Right have forgotten that we are a Republic, or have become ignorant as to what that means.

  The answer is you and our Constitution control our government through people we elect to represent our interests in General elections. However, We the People are only in control when we actually believe it, and act on it under the authority of the Constitution. If you don’t believe it because you think agenda 21 UN skull bones bilderberger rothchilde BS is really in control”¦you have been sold the lie and ewe are the sheep.
“It behooves our citizens to be on their guard, to be firm in their principles, and full of confidence in themselves.  We are able to preserve our self-government if we will but think so.”  –Thomas Jefferson

  Now maybe you still don’t believe it, and maybe you disagree with me and when the time comes you wont drag your butt off the couch and to the polls to vote in someone like romney over someone like obamao. Maybe the reason is hiding behind the principle you use as an excuse, but here is a fun fact for you to consider.
   While I know that I am absolutely correct, there is a chance that you may also be right too. The difference is that if we act as if we have no control over the destiny and fate of our Republic, the outcome will be as certain as if I am wrong.

  However, if I am right, then our destiny is in our control and is ours to defend and fight for and you have squandered it away for a lie.
“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. Whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” –Thomas Jefferson

Stay armed my friends ~ Texas Son

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