Did We Expect Anything Less?

Did We Expect Anything Less

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Now for the $64,000 question: Did we think Obama would do or say anything different? To me, getting all “pissy” or “shocked” about the words coming out of his mouth is similar to being shocked at what a prostitute does for money! How could we expect anything different? This man worked day in and day out with the likes of Bill Ayers (domestic terrorist and enemy number one in regards to our Constitutional Republic). I encourage everyone to take a moment (I could only tolerate a brief moment) and read some of the articles in his blog, but be careful… its contents is a “bulimics” dream come true.


Bill Ayers is responsible for more domestic terrorist crimes on American soil, than all of Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hezbollah combined, and yet he continues to speak and teach groups of Anarchists around the globe. He and his cronies are solely responsible for instituting this new “core curriculum” within our educational system, and who is one of his biggest “silent” supporters? Yeah, you guessed it (and I didn’t even have to give you a hint). I don’t have to prove these allegations regarding Mr. Commie Ayers, it’s public knowledge and can be found with the simple click of a mouse.


So tell me again why you’re so surprised that Obama is condoning and encouraging the rioters of Ferguson to “stay the course”? He believes that his type of “Hope and Change” occurs through “violent revolution”. He is a “sociofascist” reactionary that is more dangerous to the American way of life than any other type of true terrorist organization in the world. He is the true “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” And We the People allowed this man to gain the highest office in our land.


Now I know that the Obama camp has been denying their intimate connection for years, saying they were just Barack Obama State Senatoracquaintances that happened to work at the same college. Yeah, and I’ve got some property for sale. A real good deal… trust me. Casual acquaintances my ass! Ayers and Dohrn just happen to throw lavish campaign parties in their home for a “junior” Senator who just happened to score the highest office in our country, by chance? Yeah, “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

My point here is: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a damn duck! Obama is a “sociofascist terrorist” with intimate ties to the two most prolific, outspoken Anti-Americans to ever grace our presence (insert exaggerated “eye roll” here) and true American Patriots are up in arms over his comments regarding “domestic terrorism?”


As far as I’m concerned, you better hold on tight, because this is going to become one helluva ride. In the next two years of this”abomination” administration, we’re going to see a lot more “reactionary tactics” as these domestic terrorists ramp up their game. They know it’s “4th and ten” and they have no plans on punting the ball.


It’s high time We the People wake the hell up and smell the coffee… the only way we’re going to bring our Wake the Hell Upcountry through this shameful administration is to step up our game by becoming more involved. Community activism is paramount to keeping our local politicians working for us, but we can’t stop there. We have to follow and support these budding politicians throughout their rise from local politician to state rep, ensuring that the “political machine” does not corrupt their core values before they can become the effective patriotic “Statesmen” we elected. These people work for us. It’s high time we start calling the tune and watch them dance like the “People’s Puppets” they are supposed to be.


It’s time to “Put Up or Shut Up”… or every Patriot in this country will be an “outlaw”!


Patrick James

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