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David Vs Goliath: Small Company Takes On California Gun Ban

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California recently attempted to ban all AR15 rifles, but they made a big mistake. The underestimated America’s gun owners. Survivor Systems, a small Los Angeles based company, has begun manufacturing a new stock that avoids all of the restrictions that California has placed on semi-automatic rifles – rending the law all but null and void.

Introducing the Survivor Systems Option Zero AR15 Stock

NEW AR15 STOCK Restores right to own AR15 in California

Survivor Systems Inc. introduces the OPTION ZERO featureless AR-15 stock system: At Survivor Systems, Inc., our goal was straightforward – to create the most tactically advanced and easiest to use featureless stock system on the market! Our design ethos was simple:  Does it work better than anything else, and would we run it on our personal rifle?”


Introducing the OPTION ZERO Featureless stock system!  Finally there is a featureless system that isn’t just as a Band-Aid, but instead offers genuine tactical advantages. California has always had a well-deserved reputation for its anti-2nd Amendment politics but what most shooters across the nation don’t realize is that CA is consistently one of the largest firearm markets in the country. Most manufacturers have figured out by now that sales of CA compliant (also known as bullet button equipped) AR’s are very strong in the Golden State. This means that Sacramento Politics aside, there will always be a strong demand for these rifles in CA. Unfortunately, with the January 1st, 2017 implementation of SB880, the days of the Bullet Button are drawing to a close. With the outlawing of bullet button equipped AR’s, it’s clear that the future will be featureless AR15 builds using stocks such as the OPTION ZERO from Survivor Systems, Inc.

The OPTION ZERO featureless stock system consists of two parts, the butt-stock section and our specially modified BG16 grip from TangoDown product. The butt-stock section mates to the pistol grip, creating what is essentially a single unit which does not allow the thumb to encircle the grip. As such, it is not considered a “pistol grip” and allows AR15 owners to maintain compliance with the definitions provided in the California Code of Regulations (11 CCR § 5469) without the use of a magazine locking device (As long as no other restricted features are present).

Our patent pending design allows the OPTION ZERO to be quickly and easily installed or removed from any AR with a Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer tube without any modification! Yes, this means easy on and off in about 45 seconds with only one tool and no modifications to either the firearm or the buffer tube. This is a feature that will appeal to shooters who regularly attend training or competitions in un-restricted states.


OPTION ZERO Features:  

  • Easy to install using our patent pending design. Once our proprietary TangoDown BG16 grip is installed, attachment of the stock takes only seconds, with no permanent modifications to the rifle.
  • Easy to remove! Shooting out of state? No problem, a few seconds with an Allen wrench will allow you to remove the OPTION ZERO and re-install your collapsible stock without any disassembly of your rifle.
  • Ergonomic feel! Our combination of features, such as the comfortable comb and adjustable length of pull makes this “featureless” stock truly shooter friendly by allowing the tailoring of the rifle to any shooters individual needs. The wide comb provides a cheek weld worthy of any match rifle.
  • Adaptability! Two sling mounting points, including an ambidextrous QD socket, make this stock adaptable to any use.
  • Lightweight yet rugged! Our design makes the OPTION ZERO “hard use” rugged without weighing down your rifle, which is a common complaint with many aftermarket featurless stocks!
  • Tactical advantage! The combination of our “featureless” design and onboard magazine stowage means that for the first time since 1999, a CA shooter can have an AR-15 that’s actually capable of being used as a self-defense carbine.  Remember, CA is a TEN ROUND State next year, but with One 10rd magazine in the rifle and an easily replaced extra 10rd magazine on board, you will have at least 20rds available when things go “bump in the night”!
  • Available late first quarter 2017, please check our website for updates.


OPTION ZERO, The Future of the AR-15 in California!

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