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CDH Welcomes Guest Authors With “Voice Of The People” Open Forum

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Voice Of The People - Open ForumCold Dead Hands Announces The Launch Of The “Voice Of The People” Guest Author Open Forum. CDH has never been the type of advocacy group that asks for your money and offers to “speak for you” in regards to government policy.

We have always advocated for educating and motivating We The People to stand up and speak for themselves. In that vein, we are happy to announce the “Voice Of The People” Open Forum, for anyone to voice their opinions, freelance journalists to cover the News that the “News” doesn’t cover, for people to share information and education or just get that epic rant off their chest. If you have something to say and can put it into words in a coherent and engaging way, we will give you the forum and a substantial audience.

All entries must be submitted via email for editorial reviewto annieup@colddeadhands.us and are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation and harsh language, death threats and the like. Beyond common decency, the subject matter and tone of each accepted submission will be maintained. While Cold Dead Hands is first and foremost a gun rights advocacy, these submissions are not, I repeat NOT, limited to firearms related topics. It is open to all subjects… Educational, Journalistic, Political, Social, Religious, Etc. So, if you have something to say, we have an audience waiting to hear it. Speak Up And Be Heard America!

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